How to freeze bananas – for the best taste and without them turning brown

Want to know how to freeze bananas for baking, smoothies, and more? Here's what to do if you've bought too many

How to freeze bananas
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Wondering how to freeze bananas? Bananas can be frozen quite easily and will keep in the freezer for up to three months – great if you've bought too many or like making banana bread or banana smoothies on a regular basis. 

There are two main methods for freezing bananas, depending on whether you're freezing them whole or cut into slices. Whichever method you choose, peel the bananas first. If you leave the skin on, you're likely to find it very difficult to remove at the defrosting stage. 

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How to freeze whole bananas

Freezing whole bananas couldn't be easier – simply peel them, place them into an airtight container, and stick them in the freezer. It is important that the container really is airtight, or they'll turn brown. If the bananas are too large for your container, simply break them up in half. This is the best method for freezing bananas if you need to know how many bananas you're using for your recipes. 

How to freeze sliced bananas

Freezing sliced bananas makes them easier to use in your blender or smoothie maker. You will need a baking sheet and greaseproof paper: line up the slices on the sheet so that they don't touch each other. Put in the freezer for two-three hours. Then, transfer the slices into an airtight container to store. If you skip the baking sheet step, the pieces will stick together. 

How to defrost bananas

Defrosting bananas is easy: simply take them our of the freezer and let defrost for a couple of hours at room temperature. The liquid from defrosting can be used in cooking or smoothie making as well as the banana flesh. 

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