How to cut a pineapple: the perfect way to prepare this tasty fruit

Want to know how to cut a pineapple? Be it for breakfast or for a pina colada – this is the best method

how to cut a pineapple
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How to cut a pineapple, you ask? It's a bit of a mystery, with lots of different methods used by different people. In fact, no way of cutting a pineapple is necessarily the 'right' way, it's more a matter of preference. Some people find using a special pineapple cutting device easier, though we prefer just using a good ol' kitchen knife. 

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How to cut a pineapple

The sharper your knife for this task, the better. It'll also need to be large enough to cut the pineapple lengthwise, but not so large that you're not confident using it. 


1. Chop off the pineapple head and discard.

2. Cut the pineapple in half lengthwise.

3. Make deep incisions either side of the hard pineapple centre. This part of the pineapple is too dense to eat. 

4. Carefully separate out the pineapple half into three parts, with the hard core in the middle. Holding the core, cut it out of the pineapple. Be patient and hold on tight to avoid injuring yourself.

5. You now have the pineapple half without the core. Use you knife to slice through the flesh both lengthwise and across to create a 'grid' of pineapple cubes.

6. Slice the cubes out of the pineapple by getting a knife under the flesh; cut as close to the pineapple skin as you can. It is easier to do this by slicing towards you, but again, be very careful and slow to prevent injuries. 

7. Repeat with the other half and serve the cubes in a bowl.

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