Homemade tortilla chips: how to make the yummiest chips for dips

These homemade tortilla chips are super easy to make and go great with dips

homemade tortilla chips
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Homemade tortilla chips are just as yummy as shop bought ones and are really easy to make. You don't need fancy ingredients, just tortillas, salt, and oil. Follow this simple recipe and enjoy perfect tortillas with your favourite dips. 

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Homemade tortilla chips recipe

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To make a batch of homemade tortilla chips for two, you'll need:

  • Four plain tortillas
  • Olive, sunflower, or vegetable oil, four to six tablespoons
  • Salt
  • All-purpose seasoning (optional)
  • Chilli or paprika powder (optional)


1. Dry out the tortillas by leaving them overnight, or in a warm oven for a few minutes. No ready-made tortillas? Find out how to make tortillas yourself from scratch (it's easy!).

2. Cut the tortillas into triangles – cut in half first, and then slice. 

3. Warm the oil in a deep drying pan until hot and almost sizzling. Place the tortilla slices in the oil in a single layer. Fry for about five minutes, or until they're golden. 

4. Turn down the heat on the oil and remove the cooked tortilla chips. Place on a paper towel and season. Cover with another bit of paper towel.

5. Now turn up the heat on the oil again and fry the next batch. Repeat until you have a nice stack of tortillas layered with paper towel, which will absorb excess oil. Remove the paper towel and transfer into a bowl. Top up with seasoning if needed.

What to serve homemade tortilla chips with

We love our very own hummus recipe, which can be made in minutes with very few ingredients to create a tasty snack (cut up some carrots and you've got a quick lunch for kids, too). 

Other than that, try guacamole – find out how to make that in our avocado toast recipes – for an indulgent snack that goes brilliantly with beer (just our personal opinion!). A spicy salsa is wonderful with homemade tortilla chips, too – you can make it by blitzing a tin of tomatoes and some chilli flakes in a food processor

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