Heat your home with an air-source heat pump and you’ll find the sums could really add up

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Choose eco-friendly renewable energy to heat your home and water and you could receive a discount of up to £3,000 from EDF Energy. You could also receive a ‘Renewable Heat Premium Payment’ government incentive of £850†† for an Air Source Heat Pump and/or £300†† for a Solar Thermal Water Heating system.

With rising energy prices many homeowners are realising the potential of using renewable energy to heat their home and water.

Our new Solar Thermal Water Heating system provided us with virtually free hot water this summer. And we are already enjoying a much warmer home and lower energy bills with our new Air Source Heat Pump”.

Richard Long, Brighton

Year-round comfort and reliability

What’s more, Air Source Heat Pumps are a great alternative to traditional gas or oil boiler systems as they can be up to 3 times more efficient. They could cut your home’s carbon emissions by up to 1.6 tonnes or 27% a year compared to oil so are better for the environment too*.

Be rewarded for installing your renewable energy solution

Install an Air Source Heat Pump and you could receive £850, plus £300 if you install a Solar Thermal Water Heating system††.

Act now and receive optimum benefits

But that’s not a problem if you choose a reputable and reliable company like EDF Energy, who provide quick expert service and long-term peace of mind. A free 5-year parts and labour warranty, a 10-year independent installation guarantee and 4 free annual services all come as standard for both systems. They’ll even provide you with free loft and/or cavity wall insulation if your home needs it.

Claim additional exclusive discounts

Call EDF Energy’s Green Energy Team free on 0800 051 1905 quoting RealHomes01 to find out more or to book your free, no obligation survey.

Air Source

Plus an extra £1,000 if you sign-up to both an Air Source Heat Pump and Solar Thermal Hot Water system at the same time.

£1,000 discount per system is based on our standard home energy generation package prices and applied at time of survey or quotation. An additional £1,000 will be applied if you sign-up for both an Air Source Heat Pump and Solar Thermal Hot Water system at the same time. The discount(s) are available for orders accepted on or before 31 January 2012.

††You could receive a ‘one-off’ Renewal Heat Premium Payment of £850 for an Air Source Heat Pump installation (for homes without mains gas heating) and/or a one-off payment of £300 for a Solar Thermal Hot Water installation (available to all households, regardless of the type of heating system used). You must be the freehold owner and the house must be your main home. Your home must have basic energy efficiency measures in place before applying – loft insulation to 250mm and cavity wall insulation, where these measures are practical. Terms and conditions apply. For details, visit www.est.org.uk or call our Green Energy Team on 0800 051 1905.

*Saving of £350 is based on information provided by the Energy Saving Trust for a typical three-bedroom house heated by oil. Comparison is made using an oil boiler with an efficiency rating of 82% and an Air Source Heat Pump with an efficiency rating of 300%. CO2 saving of 27% based on1.6 tonnes (average UK household energy related carbon emissions is 5.9 tonnes) is based on a comparison made using an oil boiler from Energy Saving Trust figures. Actual savings for a particular household will vary depending on the size and construction of the house, and the way the occupants use the heating system and appliances. Figures based on the EDF Energy Standard Tariff average regional electricity price of 13.2p per unit (including VAT) and do not include any allowance for future price increases.

** Figures are based on information provided by the Energy Saving Trust and are taken from the recent field trial of 88 properties using Solar Thermal Hot Water systems across the UK. Typical savings from a well-installed and properly used system are £55 per year when replacing gas heating and £80 per year when replacing electric immersion heating; however, savings will vary from user to user. Typical carbon savings are around 230kg CO2/year when replacing gas and 510kg CO2/year when replacing electric immersion heating. According to the Energy Saving Trust a correctly sized Solar Thermal Hot Water system can deliver most of your hot water needs during summer.

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