Frozen yogurt: Jamie Oliver's recipe is the perfect heatwave treat

Insta fell for Jamie Oliver’s fro-yo cones. Here’s how to make your own cool treats

Frozen yohurt like Jamie Oliver's
(Image credit: Sanjip Kadel/Unsplash)

When the weather’s scorching hot (or even to be honest when it’s merely mild), what could be better than a helping of frozen yogurt? Insta agrees, giving a big thumbs up to the frozen yogurt Jamie Oliver shared. 

Frozen yogurt is easy to make, which is just as well because you don’t want to be labouring in an over-heated kitchen even when we’re talking treats. Flavour is up to you, and you can be as creative as you fancy when you’re making yours. 

Check out our recipe below and we’ve shared some top tips from Jamie, too. You can visit our food hub, too, for more recipe ideas and inspiration. Jump to Jamie’s page if you want more on fro-yos.

Jamie Oliver’s frozen yogurt

What are the secrets of fabulous frozen yoghurt? Get in the know.


  • 250g frozen mixed berries
  • 250g natural yoghurt
  • 1 to 2 tbsp runny honey


1. Put the berries, yogurt and honey into a food processor. Whizz together, then scoop and serve. Couldn’t be easier.

5 top tips to make Jamie Oliver’s frozen yogurt 

1. Our recipe will deliver a fabulous frozen yogurt quickly because the berries are already frozen, but you can be inspired by Jamie, and blend first, then freeze. You’ll need to do this for around 40 minutes, he says.

2. As an alternative to our berry-flavoured fro-yo, take up Jamie’s suggestion and choose your favourite fruit, nut and seed combination. Whizz with yoghurt and freeze.

3. How about creating Jamie’s strawberry, balsamic vinegar and basil frozen yoghurt for a fabulous flavour experience? Jamie combines frozen strawberries, banana and oats along with the balsamic and basil leaves, then adds yogurt.

4. We can vouch for the scrumptiousness of Jamie’s berry and brown bread fro-yo even if it sounds a bit unlikely. You’ll need frozen berry mix, a banana, crustless wholemeal bread, and fresh mint leaves to re-create this taste sensation from Jamie. He just whizzes them, then adds yoghurt and blends again until the mixture is smooth to make it.

5. Jamie’s Insta cones look amazing, especially with different flavours and therefore colours of the treat in them. But he also suggests serving fro-yo in wafers, or just in a bowl. We can vouch for the fact that it’s delicious any way you go.