Freezing bread: how to freeze fresh loaves, bread rolls and more

Discover our top tips for freezing bread and reduce food waste while you're at it

how to freeze bread
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Looking for tips on freezing bread so that it lasts longer? While it's certainly true that you can't beat a fresh loaf, few of us eat bread in vast enough quantities to ensure we make the most of it before it goes stale.

So, your next best bet is to freeze your bread and remove the quantity that you'll need from the freezer every few days. Or, if you tend to eat more toast, that fresh bread, it can be defrosted in the toaster, or under the grill, as and when it's required.

Below we've covered everything from freezing whole loaves of pre-sliced bread, to freezing bread rolls and more. Find out how to make bread in our guide. For more recipe advice and information, head over to our food hub.

How to freeze bread

Our top tip when freezing fresh bread is to split it into small, manageable sections. If you're working with a loaf, this means slicing it before it goes into the freezer as attempting to slice a frozen loaf is not only dangerous, but is also near-on impossible. 

If your bread is pre-sliced, there's obviously no need to worry about slicing it, simply place it straight in the freezer. We'd recommend ensuring that any multi-packs of bread rolls are separated from one-another before being placed in the freeze, as you may struggle to separate them once frozen.

There's not too much of a problem with storing bread in plastic, before placing it in the freezer, though we'd generally recommend opting for paper bags where possible as they're less likely to stick to the bread and also have less of an impact on the environment.

Bread can be stored in the freezer for up to three months, though we'd advise using it as soon as possible.

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