Croissant recipe: learn how to make croissants the easy way

This croissant recipe ensures a tasty weekend treat. All it takes is a little patience and practice to make this French delicacy at home

croissant recipe
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This croissant recipe will give you the dream – croissants that are soft on the inside and flaky on the outside. Perhaps you're struggling to find them in your local supermarket, or you simply fancy using your extra time to have a go at making them and your hunt has led you here.

We won't lie to you, making croissants isn't the easiest of bakes. But, with a little patience and persistence, we're sure you'll master the art in no time. And what a skill to have, eh. Get your rolling pin at the ready – you'll certainly need one for this croissant recipe.

Follow our simple instructions below, then head over to our food hub for more recipe ideas and inspiration.

Croissant recipe


  • Strong white flour, 300 grams
  • Sugar, 30 grams
  • Butter, 100 grams
  • Water, 100 millilitres 
  • Yeast, one 7 gram packet
  • 1 egg
  • Salt, a good pinch
  • Oil


1. Thoroughly combine your flour, salt, sugar and yeast in a bowl. Create a small well at the centre.

2. Add your water and yeast to a measuring jug, mixing thoroughly to ensure they're combined. Then, pour into the well and combine with your hands, before kneading for five minutes on a floured surface.

3. Pour a little olive oil over your dough and place in the fridge for two hours.

4. To prepare your butter, you'll need to place it between two pieces of baking parchment and roll it out, using a rolling pin, until you achieve a large rectangle. You're aiming for something around a third of the size of your dough.

5. Once your dough has chilled, remove it from the fridge and begin rolling it into one large rectangular piece that's not too thick. Once you're happy with the size, place your rolled out butter in the centre. There should be plenty of excess pastry on either side of the slab of butter.

6. Fold both sides of your pasty so that they meet in the centre of the butter – they should not overlap. Then, fold your pastry in half across the 'seam' where the two edges of pastry meet.

7. Wrap your dough in clingfilm and return it to the fridge for a further 30 minutes.

8. You'll need to repeat the process of rolling your croissant dough, then folding and chilling it again two or three more times. But, this time note that you won't need to add anymore butter.

9. Roll out your pastry for the final time – we weren't lying when we said there was a lot of rolling involved – then use a knife to slice your croissant dough, lengthways, into two even strips.

10. Next, you'll need to cut your croissant dough into even triangles – aim for around three to eight on each side. Don't be afraid to stretch your dough out if it feels  a little on the small. Then, slowly roll each triangle so that you achieve something that resembles a croissant.

11. Set aside and leave to rise for up to two hours, or until doubled in size. Then, place on a pre-heated baking tray and bake for 15 to 18 minutes and 200ºC/180ºC fan/gas mark 6, or until golden brown.

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