17 of the best wreaths for Christmas

Whether you are into glam and gold or lush and leafy, we’ve done the legwork and found you the best Christmas wreaths of 2018

Hero image Christmas wreaths from M&S
(Image credit: Marks and Spencer)

Christmas wreaths on the front door are a must-have over the festive period – and if you find one that suits your home, it can really set the scene perfectly. From traditional green foliage to something slightly more statement, we’ve rounded up the top Christmas wreaths to ensure your door is the best dressed this season.

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1. The best traditional wreath

Deep green, fresh red berries and plenty of pine cones – what more could you want from this M&S traditional Christmas wreath? Oh actually, come to think of it, a little tap that dispenses mulled wine as you close the door would also be lovely. 

Marks and Spencer winterberry wreath

(Image credit: Marks and Spencer)

2. The best new Nordic wreath (yes, that's a thing)

Candles, cosy blankets and ton of evergreen, Scandi style was literally made for Christmas. And while we love turning our places into the Norwegian cottage of our Pinterest dreams, why not try balancing out all that hygge with some metallic accents in the form of this beautifully simple gold wreath from Georg Jensen?

Georg Jensen gold wreath

(Image credit: Skandium )

3. The best crazy colourful wreath 

We are loving the technicolour, slightly kitsch, stick anything on a string and call it a bauble trend that's going on this Christmas. This Rainbow Bauble wreath from John Lewis and Partners is definitely in keeping with that vibe and will make for a dazzling welcome. 

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Rainbow wreath

(Image credit: John Lewis and Partners)

4. The best contemporary wreath

If you can’t bear to disturb your all neutral interiors with an evergreen wreath (don’t worry, we feel you) then this contemporary white metal wreath from The White Company is perfect. The handmade design is made up of embossed leaves and flowers which are then each dipped in matt white paint. Dreamy. 

White metal wreath

(Image credit: The White Company )

5. The best... er... vegetable wreath 

Tis’ the season to don your door with a wreath of glittering Brussel sprouts…

Love them or loathe them, this ring of paper Brussel sprouts from Graham & Green does make a gloriously green alternative to your more traditional wreath (plus it's a great way to incorporate them into the festive season without actually having to eat them).

Brussel sprouts wreath

(Image credit: Amara)

6. The best very extra wreath 

Because if you can’t put up a huge peacock feather wreath at Christmas then when can you? This majestic number from Gisela Graham is a very glamorous alternative to an evergreen wreath, and while we wouldn’t recommend banishing it to the front door, this would look gorgeous on a mantlepiece or hung on a inside door. 

Peacock feather wreath

(Image credit: Gisela Graham)

7. The best half wreath 

Deconstructed, minimal and gorgeously rustic we think that half wreaths might be the only way we are doing wreaths this year. You can of course make your own, it’s super easy and really affordable but if you want something you can bring out each year, this frosted eucalyptus number from Lights4fun is as far as you need to look. 

Lights4fun half wreath

(Image credit: Lights4fun)

8. The best DIY wreath

We have heard murmurings that you can actually make these things yourself, like go into the garden and pick twigs and leaves and what not. As lovely and festive as that sounds, if you don’t conveniently live next to Narnia, getting your hands on more than some wispy ivy may be challenging. But fear not, the Crafty Christmas box (deliverable from 3rd December) from Bloom and Wild contains all the festive foliage to create a gorgeous wreath, centrepiece or garland.  

The Crafty Christmas box from Bloom and Wild

(Image credit: Bloom and Wild)

9. The best real wreath 

And if all that sounds like too much, but you still want to get that divine Christmassy smell of a real wreath, the people at Bramble & Wild can deliver a gorgeous, luscious, handmade wreath right to your door. No one need know you didn't slave away making it yourself. 

Bramble and Wild Christmas wreath

(Image credit: Bramble and Wild)

10. The best rustic/year-round wreath

Disclaimer: no animals were harmed in the making of this wreath. Cast in resin and then painted for an insanely realistic texture, this Faux Antler wreath from Cox and Cox definitely looks like the real thing. We are thinking we might just keep this one up all year round… 

Faux antler wreath

(Image credit: Cox and Cox)

11. The best succulent wreath 

Succulent wreaths are huge this year, so why not swap spruce for sedums with this incredibly realistic Emerald Frosted Succulent Wreath from John Lewis and Partners? It may be a more contemporary style, but features sprigs of evergreen and frosted pine cones so it still has plenty of festive feels. 

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John Lewis Frosted Succulent Wreath £45, John Lewis Frosted Succulent Garland £45, LSA International Tealight holders £35

(Image credit: John Lewis)

12. The best light up wreath

Ikea have got some wonderfully quirky wreaths this year, but this has got to be our favourite of their offerings. The Strala wreath is battery operated so you can hang this light up ring of festive doves (at least we think they are doves) wherever you please. 

Ikea LED dove wreath

(Image credit: Ikea)

13. The best pom pom wreath 

Probably not suitable for outdoor use, but hang this delightful Anthropologie wreath on an inside door or above a fireplace in all its festive glory. Oh and yes, before you ask, we definitely think you could get away with leaving this up all year round!

Anthropologie colourful pom pom wreath

(Image credit: Anthropologie)

14. The best metallic wreath 

This Matalan metallic wreath is the perfect balance between all out glitter ball and a more traditional vibe – sure it's glitzy but the natural pale wood keeps it from becoming tacky. 

Matalan metallic wreath

(Image credit: Matalan)

15. The best scented wreath 

While we of course love the traditional smell of pine and fir at Christmas, this wreath from Bloom & Wild, takes festive scents to the next level. Not only do the vivid dried limes and bright lavender look gorgeous amongst the evergreen, the aroma they give off will fill your hallway each time you open the door. 

Bloom & Wild wreath

(Image credit: Bloom & Wild)

16. The best glitter ball wreath 

What else would you expect from the quirky interiors emporium Rockett St George? This mirror ball wreath  is truly fabulous and it's sure to make your door the talk of the street! 

17. The best budget wreath

So you got yourself Lidl's bargain Christmas tree, but did you know they are also selling insanely cheap, real fir wreaths? For just £4.99 you can pick up a simple, unadorned wreath and just jazz it up a bit yourself. If you are in need of some inspiration just check out our tips and tricks for decking out your home with festive foliage

(Image credit: Lidl)

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