Upgrade door security instantly with this handbag size portable door lock

If door security is a worry, whether you're at home or away, this portable door lock can is a fast, affordable solution

Door security: Addalock door lock in use
(Image credit: Addalock)

If you've got a door at home with an unreliable lock, perhaps you regularly work away and stay in hotels, enjoy a weekend breaks in AirBnB or are a college student with a dorm room door lock you don't trust (or are about to go off traveling the world), here's the home security gadget you need. It's incredibly simple to use, really affordable, is handbag-friendly, and it requires zero tools for installation.

Introducing the Addalock: a portable door lock that can be used on any door that opens inwards (that's the crucial bit). Essentially, it turns a lock you may not trust (or that doesn't work) into a secure lock instantly. This means that, once you're inside your room/apartment/holiday let and the door lock is secured, no one else will be able to use a key to enter your home. The Realhomes.com has one of these in their possession and it was very reassuring to have in the depths of South America. 

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(Image credit: Addalock)

The Addalock is a must-have buy for frequent travellers, college students or anyone with an unreliable door lock that's due for replacement. It's a great purchase for elderly people who live on their own, too. It can be used to secure everything from a front door to a bedroom door in a shared home, a back door and more. And the best part is that it's super easy to install and it can be used over and over again.

How does it work? Installing the Addalock couldn't be easier. Simply open the door, insert the lock's claws into your door's strike plate, and close your door, with the lock in position. Then, using the security chain, you can attach the red plate to the rest of the lock as if it were a chain-locked door. It's that easy.

Annie Collyer
Annie Collyer

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