Up your home security for $8.99 with this door handle alarm – it's on sale right now!

This bargain home security buy offers peace of mind this fall. It alarms when your door handle is touched from the outside. Smart stuff...

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Looking for ways to better your home security as we go into fall and winter? Smart idea. Other than owning the best home security system and lots of smart technology to trick intruders into thinking you are home 24/7, there is another buy that can help. And, it's discounted to just $8.99 at Amazon. That's peace of mind for a very low price.

We've found a very clever door handle alarm which is sold at Amazon. Simply enough, you turn this device on, pop it on your door handle (inside your home) and it alarms when your handle is touched from the other side. Not just that but when it alarms, it's a very loud 110dB so it'll be sure to wake you (and possibly your neighbors) up. The alarm is actually audible from two and a half blocks away...

Anyway, this home security buy is great. It's cheap, cheerful, and easy to use. It has three settings – off, alarm, chime – while it has a 30-second delay to prevent immediate false triggering. Put it in chime mode when you have people coming and going – the kids, guests, your parents. All you need to power it is three AAA batteries, too. So it'll even work during power outages.

See this great deal below and get buying ahead of Amazon Prime Day 2020 – there's no need to wait for a deal when this home security buy is this cheap right now.

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Looking for an alternative (yet still affordable) way to make your home more secure? There are several buys at Amazon that can help you. Check out this Rayolon Camera Lightbulb for just $25.99 (there's a five percent off coupon available). It offers a full HD panoramic view of your room. Or, see this TeamMe Mini Spy Camera and hide it somewhere around your home. Should an intruder break-in, you'll have it on record. Your smartphone will be alerted, too.

Shopping the Amazon Prime Day sale this year?

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