EZVIZ Battery Cam smart security camera review

Versatile, feature-packed and very well built, this security camera is perfect for checking up on your home while you are away...

Ezviz security camera
(Image credit: Ezviz)

Real Homes Verdict

Backed by the leading security camera firm Hikvision, the EZVIZ Battery Cam is a compelling option in the crowded wireless security camera field. Versatile, feature-packed and very well built, it offers value for money and a long-term investment for anyone looking to up their home security without the need to start talking to electricians.

Reasons to buy

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    Feature-packed, offering security, flexibility and remote access uses

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    Great build quality

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    Easy to set up

Reasons to avoid

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The EZVIZ Battery Cam is part of a growing sector of products designed to help you check on your house while away. It combines a range of different features that take it beyond the standard fare, however – and both build quality and usability are outstanding in its class.

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Ezviz security camera

(Image credit: Ezviz)

What we liked about the EZVIZ Battery Cam smart security camera

This is a small wireless camera seriously rich in features. The amazing ability to be able to keep a check on your home remotely via your phone perhaps isn’t quite so unusual these days – but the EZVIZ does so much more:

High definition image: You can view the footage in HD 1080p, which means more information and a better experience – ideal, of course, from a security perspective.

Two-way talk: Unlike most security cameras, the EZVIZ allows you to communicate directly with the house via the microphone on your phone. So you’ll always have a presence in the house even when you’re not there – even if it is largely used for telling the dog to get down off the sofa.

Can be used inside and out: While most cameras offer either an interior or exterior option, the weatherproof camera can be used around the home and garden – as long as it’s within Wi-Fi range. This gives a lot of flexibility and will likely save money in the long run.

Battery operated: It runs off a rechargeable lithium battery, so again saves money compared to models running on AA batteries.

Ezviz security camera

(Image credit: Ezviz )

Installing the EZVIZ Battery Cam smart security camera

The wireless camera, roughly the size of a coffee mug, takes less than a few minutes to set up and connect. It’s intuitive and the download of the app onto your phone is the most time-consuming element along with connecting it to the home’s Wi-Fi network. A quick and easy registration is all it needs – and you’re away.