This HEPA air purifier is a STEAL with $30 off – buy now or regret it later

Now $220.40, this HEPA air purifier is a bargain at Amazon. It's great for larger spaces, and it's recommended by allergists. Need we say more?

Honeywell HPA300 True HEPA Air Purifier in living room
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Looking to invest in a HEPA air purifier? Perfect timing: we've spotted one on sale at Amazon, with nearly $30 off today. It has 4.6-star reviews, over 6,000 reviewers and it's recommended for use by allergists. Great for larger rooms or bigger houses (up to 465 sq. feet), this HEPA air purifier can help capture up to 99.97 percent of airborne particles. From pet dander to pollen, dust, and smoke. Even airborne viruses and mold spores, too. One thing's for sure: you won't regret spending your money on the best air purifier around this year.

Usually $249.99, you can pay only $220.40 for this air purifier today. That's just under $30 off. Buy now, ready for the cold winter weather. This way, since we are all spending more time at home, you can breathe easy knowing your inside air is cleaner.

If that hasn't convinced you...

If the fact this HEPA air purifier has nearly $30 off hasn't convinced you, or that it's super easy to use and allergist-recommended, then us telling you that it can be used year-round should make you change your mind. Get it out in the summer and use on warm days when you have the BBQ going in your yard, or, use it in the winter when you don't want to let the cold air in by having your windows open all day. That and you can move it from room to room – kitchen, nursery, mudroom – and it can remove allll of the bad stuff from the air. From bacteria to dust, cooking smells, and even pollen. Only the best air for your family.

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