Don't miss this Flymo lawn mower deal – it's our fave buy for effortless mowing

This robot lawn mower deal on the Flymo EasiLife is just what you need if you want to take the tough work out of mowing your lawn

Flymo EasiLife 200 Robotic Lawn Mower
(Image credit: Flymo)

This lawn mower deal could quite possibly completely change the way you look after your garden. At any rate, it's guaranteed to give you back the time you normally spend mowing your lawn. 

The Flymo EasiLife is a robot lawn mower and will indeed make life much easier by taking care of your lawn to perfection. Three rotating blades ensure a razor-sharp finish, and the mower will cope with slopes of up to 35 per cent, making it perfect for gardens with irregular terrain.

Check out the deal below. If you were after a non-robotic lawn mower, see our favourites on our best lawn mower guide.

And did we mention that you can control this clever device from an app on your phone? Easily turn it on and off without even needing to get out of the house (great for rainy days). 

It will also fertilise your lawn by sprinkling it with grass cuttings as it goes along – no emptying of containers means even less work for you.

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