There's a new AI security camera on the scene – and it's on Amazon, now

The award-winning, world first Imou AIoT home AI security camera has landed which could well be the most essential remote working, home-schooling, self-isolation tool yet...

AI security camera : IMOU Ranger IQ
(Image credit: Imou)

A new AI security camera has come on the scene and this one is a premium, yet affordable, artificial intelligence-enabled internet of things (AIoT) camera – who's excited? We're excited! 

Being introduced as the world’s first AIoT camera, the Ranger IQ will help to keep your home secure when the world goes back to school, college and work. And, while you're at home, you can use it to keep an eye on the children whilst you're working and stay connected with loved ones. 

Keep scrolling to get this buy on Amazon in the UK and via AliExpress across the USA and Europe, and to find out if this security camera will help to enhance your home security. Head over to our best home security cameras buying guide to see more top buys, too.

This AI security camera is packed full of impressive tech spec, so we've pulled out the best bits to help decipher the lingo...

Not only can this AI camera be the first line of defence against intruders but it can also be useful to ensure kids, (and partners and pets) behave and follow homeschooling schedules while you work from a different room at home. It captures footage in a 1080p resolution 24/7, even in low light conditions thanks to the embedded Sony Starlight sensor. And, with Two-Way Talk, you can talk to the children (or your other half), or tell the dog to get off the sofa.

Then there's Ranger IQ’s advanced AI Human Motion Tracking software which automatically focuses on, and quickly identifies and recognises, humans, as its AI Human Detection feature distinguishes them from animals. This AI tech can also alert you to any usual activity, send alerts to your smart phone and pulsate an alarm loud enough to be audible throughout any size of home.

security camera IMOU ranger iq

(Image credit: Amazon)

Even if the Ranger IQ is unplugged it can track, record and save footage online (or onto a microSD), with no corner of the room missed thanks to its ability to rotate 355 degrees and tilt 90 degrees.

And if you don't want to use the security camera as a camera, the Ranger IQ also doubles as an Amazon Alexa and/or Google Assistant speaker, so it's mega versatile.

security camera : IMOU ranger IQ

(Image credit: Amazon)

Reviewers on Amazon rave about the image quality, tracking ability and how easy it is to use thanks to the handy app. One reviewer, in particular, uses the camera as intended and echoed the claims; " has all the featured I need to keep my my eyes on my pet while I'm working or to use it as a surveillance camera while we are away for holiday." Just a couple of things have been flagged which affect the sound quality and lack of integration capabilities with other tech in the home, such as the Samsung Smart Hub.

We're looking forward to putting this security camera to the test ourselves, but if you're intrigued to try it out then you can buy it on Amazon today (if you're in the UK) or AliExpress (if you live in the US or Europe).

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