Living in a small space? This design hack is a game-changer

This clever buy is my secret weapon to storing gym equipment in my kitchen

room divider
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As a child, I grew up in a suburban home with my own room, so I never needed to worry about how to separate or divide my space. But when I moved to New York City (and into a pint-sized one bedroom apartment), I became acutely aware of the fact that most of the rooms in my home would need to be multi-functional.

For a while, I struggled with organization ideas and finding ways to store my home gym equipment without making it the focal point of my living space.

But then, I discovered the room divider. 

A room divider — or as New Yorkers call them "flex walls"— are an excellent way to make the most of any space. They're often used to separate the sleeping area in a studio apartment, or turn a one bedroom space into a two-bedroom. As I recently found out, though, they're also incredibly handy for creating separate functional areas in a pint-sized space, or creating extra storage in a home that lacks closet space. 

So how am I using my newly purchased room divider? 

Instead of storage closets, I'm neatly storing baskets and bins safely in the corner. I also recently purchased one to conceal my exercise bike when not in use. 

room divider

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Now, in place of my bikes taking up space, all you see is a beautiful three-panel scalloped screen. Pretty magical, right?

 It most certainly is, and whether you're like me and looking to organize your small space or trying to navigate working from home (with kids and toys everywhere), the solution is as simple as that: a room divider. 

Unfortunately, the specific one I purchased is out-of-stock, but fear not — but here are five room dividers worth the investment. 

1. A deco wave screen 

room divider

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2. A straw weave panel

room divider

(Image credit: Target)

3. This abstract best-seller

room divider

(Image credit: Walmart)

4. This wooden display

room divider

(Image credit: Wayfair)

5. This 8-panel version

room divider

(Image credit: Amazon)

Still, want more? Check out additional room divider suggestions below: 

Brittany Romano
Brittany Romano

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