No pizza oven? This pizza stone can be used in the oven AND on the BBQ

Make pizza the Italian way with this pizza oven which is one which you don't need to go outside for and can be delivered tomorrow, all for less than £50. Bargain.

Pizza oven - Blumtal Pizza Stone with Paddle - Amazon's choice
(Image credit: Amazon)

Dreaming of authentic Italian food? Owning the best pizza oven could help but as we have seen, these are selling out fast and let's be honest – it's not quite the weather for al fresco dining today...

But wait up: this stone and paddle combo will see you make your very own pizza, in the oven. Inside! Where it isn't pouring with rain. Woah. We can't believe it either. Where has this been hiding during lockdown?

The Blumtal Pizza Stone with Paddle has been a popular choice which has led to it going out of stock for a while but now it is BACK IN STOCK and it's Amazon's Choice for pizza stone for oven, too. How this works is magic, kind of. The pizza stone is made from cordierite, a highly porous, moisture-absorbing stone, which can heat up to 250–300ºC and is ready to use in minutes. You can then use the aluminium peel board, with it's extra long wooden handle, to the slide the pizza into the oven and take it out. Fun times, indeed.

Perfect for rainy days, and when the sun shows it's face again because it can be used on BBQs too, this pizza stone is a good all rounder which will help you to reminisce of holidays in Italy. It can be yours TOMORROW – if you choose faster delivery at checkout – or Wednesday for free delivery, all for just shy of £50. Bargain.

Blumtal Pizza Stone with Paddle | £49.99 at Amazon
Brighten up your weekend and create an authentic-tasting pizza with this stone and paddle combo. If you're confident how to make the dough, then this pizza oven will cook it to perfection. It's only just come back in stock so don't miss out and check it out now, before it's too late.View Deal

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