Computer monitor deals: For when your WFH setup doesn't cut it

Miss your office? These computer monitor deals will help you stay productive while working from home

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Does your new work from home situation have you missing your dual-monitor setup? Not to worry, we've compiled the best computer monitor deals to help you stay productive while you WFH.

Now that Coronavirus has relegated virtually every desk job to work from home status for the next few weeks, you might find yourself missing things about the office you'd never appreciated before, like your wireless mouse, your ergonomic chair, and the fact that your kids weren't interrupting you every 10 minutes for a snack. Perhaps the thing you miss the most, though, is having two computer screens. It's crazy how much that can impact productivity, right? (Typed by someone currently working from a laptop at a kitchen island). 

So, if you’re sorely missing your office set up, recreate it at home with a computer monitor (or two) that you can plug your laptop into. Here are three computer monitor deals from around the web that you can still order to your front door.

Best computer monitor deals

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