The best portable bbq for bank hol weekend: it's light, it cooks perfect food, and you won't believe the price

This best portable bbq has it all: the quality, the ease of use, and an unbeatable price.

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Looking for the best portable bbq for that last-minute Bank Holiday trip to the beach? You could, of course, get the Smokey Joe by Weber, which we rate as one of the best barbecues money can buy in our buying guide. Here's the catch, though: it's £65. And if you've just come back from holiday (those weeks until payday can seem sooo long), you might not want to fork out that much on a portable bbq.

Argos to the rescue: introducing their very own Charcoal Portable Round BBQ. Consistently rated five stars by amazed users, this little barbecue is sturdy, produces very tasty food, weighs only two kilos, and costs...£12.50. Yes, you read that right: £12.50 for a barbie you can use again and again, whether at the beach, on a camping trip, or in your garden. Get it now and enjoy this Bank Holiday. 

Charcoal Portable Round BBQ | £12.50
This bbq has everything you need for a weekend away; with a diameter of 31 centimetres, it's perfect for cooking for two, is easy to clean, and packs flat. Value for money perfection. View Deal

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