The best salad bowls for 'Insta-perfect' dinner tables

Give your signature salads the reception they deserve with our pick of the most swoon-worthy salad bowls

The best salad bowls

Granted, in a pinch, and with a little imagination, near enough anything can be a salad bowl. But we think proper get-togethers and signature recipes deserve something a little more special, don’t you? Our best salad bowls are the optimum size and shape for presenting your wonderful Waldorf, knockout Niçoise or piles of luscious leaves, meaning no “whoops!” moments – you know the ones: the coleslaw overflows, the getting caught chasing that last cherry tom around an awkwardly shaped vessel – just a really good-looking tablescape. 

Working with a small kitchen with no room in the cupboard for another serving bowl? No fear, these salad bowls are made to be showed off. From elegant glass to postmodern steel, summer-ready ceramics to classic solid wood, there’s something for every style, and each one looks just as good on the sideboard as it does filled with enticing nibbles.

Those materials aren’t just there to look cool though, and just as with the rest of your tableware, each one has its merits. Stainless steel, as found in the Georg Jensen Bloom series and metal hammered bowl by Aulica, is as tough as it is beautiful and engineered to last a long time. Wooden salad bowls like our Ash Wood bowl from Marks & Spencer look wonderful with just a quick wipe to clean, but, like Gremlins, they should never be introduced to water, as their porous nature means they’ll swell, potentially resulting in cracks and splits. Then there are the low-maintenance all-stars on our list: the ceramic and thermoplastic resin bowls that can happily be popped in the dishwasher. Who doesn’t love easy clean-up?

Georg Jensen Bloom Bowl, chrome-effect with curved edges

1. Georg Jensen Bloom Bowl

This simply Georg-ous salad bowl takes our top spot for design

Best for: A centerpiece
Dimensions: H15.3 x W27.8 x L20.6cm
Material: Stainless steel
Dishwasher safe: No
Reasons to buy
+ Looks fantastic + Light but durable 
Reasons to avoid
- May scratch 

While all of our picks are good-looking in their own way, the Georg Jensen Bloom bowl easily takes our top spot with its elegant design. Part salad server, part art piece, it uses bold sweeping lines and a knockout reflective finish to create the ultimate centrepiece for special occasions. Reviewers found it surprisingly lightweight despite its durable stainless steel construction, meaning you won’t struggle carrying it to the table for that final flourish. Beautiful and practical, it’s a real investment piece, and our best salad bowl all-round.

Deep-sided hammered Salad Bowl, stainless steel

2. Hammered Salad Bowl

When we say you should get hammered at your next party...

Best for: Exotic style
Dimensions: H8 x W36 x D36cm
Material: Stainless steel
Dishwasher safe: No
Reasons to buy
+ Lovely hammered finish + Durable stainless steel 
Reasons to avoid
- Quite steep sides 

We can’t promise that this hammered metal salad bowl by Aulica at Wayfair will make the sun come out of hiding, but it’ll certainly bring a touch of the Moroccan riad to your table, even if the barbecue’s sadly rained off. As well as looking pretty – all thanks to that artisanal-look dimpled finish – it’s built of strong stuff (stainless steel, to be precise) meaning it’s built to take years of enthusiastically oiled salads in its stride. 

Dartington Crystal Beech Wood and Glass Bowl

3. Dartington Crystal Beech Wood and Glass Bowl

Modern, minimal design from the classic brand

Best for: Versatility
Dimensions: H7.9 x Dia.25cm
Material: Glass, beech
Dishwasher safe: No
Reasons to buy
+ Elegant minimal design + Can be used as two separate components 
Reasons to avoid
- Glass isn’t dishwasher safe 

This elegant salad bowl is simplicity itself, a combo of clean lines, smart glass and natural finished beech wood that suits all sorts of schemes. The mark-free base means you needn’t worry about it scratching any surfaces, so you can put it to work serving up pre-dinner snacks on the coffee table as well as popping it in the middle of a buffet spread, although if you like a bit of versatility in your tableware, you can also forego the removable wood for an even more pared-back look. 

Shadow Salad Bowl, white with contrast grey salad servers

4. Shadow Salad Bowl

Ensures you won’t lose your servers, or your cool, at your next buffet

Best for: Quirky practicality
Dimensions: H13.1 x W34.4 x D31.5cm
Material: Thermoplastic resin
Dishwasher safe: Yes
Reasons to buy
+ Handsome and practical material + Clever integrated servers 
Reasons to avoid
- Well-designed, but not the prettiest 

Fans of quirky kitchen brands like Joseph Joseph and Alessi will find a lot to love about the Shadow Salad Bowl by Koziol at Wayfair – not least the pocket-friendly price. The meeting of desirable design and practicality makes it perfect for showing off at parties without any compromise, with an appealing curvy shape forged from easy-clean materials. As well as coming with a set of servers, this bowl boasts clever notches on the rim to keep them where they need to be, so the last one to the buffet table needn’t find themselves fishing around for a mucky-handled spoon. 

John Lewis Alfresco Patterned Salad Bowl, terracotta base with contrast patterned inner

5. John Lewis Alfresco Patterned Salad Bowl

Get in that fiesta spirit with this summery salad bowl

Best for: A splash of colour
Dimensions: H5.7 x W34
Material: Terracotta
Dishwasher safe: Yes
Reasons to buy
+ Summery colours + Versatile shape and size 
Reasons to avoid
- A bit shallow for voluminous salads 

Food’s more fun with a bit of colour, and we think that goes for what it’s served in too. This ceramic salad bowl from John Lewis’ Alfresco collection brings a bright hit of summer to the table, with its colourful geometric print interior and terracotta exterior engineered to set off fresh salads beautifully. Those who’ve bought it and loved it say it’s endlessly versatile, so while it might be the perfect salad bowl for those summer barbecues, don’t let us stop you getting creative with what you put in it! 

Ash Wood Salad Bowl

6. Ash Wood Salad Bowl

Bring the outside in with the natural whorls of this wooden bowl

Best for: A natural finish
Dimensions: H10 x W28 x D28 cm
Material: Ash
Dishwasher safe: No
Reasons to buy
+ Gorgeous natural material + Surprisingly easy to clean 
Reasons to avoid
- A choice of woods would be nice 

Keep an eye on this wooden salad bowl when your next party rolls around, because we’re pretty sure everyone’s going to want one of their own. It somehow manages to be both timeless and contemporary, with its quality natural material and unexpected dark shade from some of the more standard serving bowl fare. The natural grain of the wood shines through to make a really gorgeous piece, even when it’s not piled high with fabulous food, and what might surprise you most is that reviewers say it’s super easy to clean. 

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