Best kids' beds: 6 stylish picks for all styles and budgets

Our list of the best kids' beds will see to it that your little ones get a great night’s sleep, plus they look super stylish too...

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Best kids' beds
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Looking for the best kids' beds? Thanks to all the out-of-the-box thinkers and creative designers inhabiting the world of bedroom furniture these days, 'charming yet practical', and 'earth-shatteringly expensive' needn’t necessarily go hand in hand any longer. And this can be especially great news when it comes to designing a kid's bedroom, when it's likely they  are going to out grow their bedroom furniture. 

While to tired parents it might never seem like enough, kids spend a lot of time tucked up in their beds, so it makes sense to find one that’ll last, both in terms of build and style. Our list of the best kids' beds is here to help you with your search.

For more bedroom ideas head over to our gallery and and, if you're designing a kid's room from scratch we have a whole guide for that too. 

Kids treehouse bunk bed

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1. Christopher Treehouse Bed

The cabin bed we all dreamed of as a child. No garden? No problem.

Best for: A sense of adventure
Material: Wood
Storage: No
Size: H219.5cm x W130.5cm x L208cm
Reasons to buy
+ Cool design to spark their imagination + Raised design allows for space underneath 
Reasons to avoid
- Not all kids will feel comfortable in a raised bed 

This treehouse bed is the ultimate buy for adventurous kids. It’s easily put together and reassuringly sturdy, so you can rest easy while they let their imaginations run wild during the day, and dream on during the night. Cutout windows and a skylight ensure they don’t feel closed off and keep things looking open so this on-the-large-side piece won’t seem overwhelming, while the elevated design allows room for play and storage underneath, meaning no space is wasted. A wonderful, whimsical buy.

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2. John Lewis Boris Toddler Bed

Sturdy, simple and fantastic value, this is the perfect toddler bed

Best for: Best toddler bed
Material: Pine
Storage: No
Size: H65cm x W79cm x L144cm
Reasons to buy
+ Sturdy solid pine bed  + Clean and simple, no gimmicks 
Reasons to avoid
- No storage 

A no-fuss, no-frills, but beautifully made toddler bed, John Lewis’ Boris takes our top spot for its simple design and sturdy build. Made of solid pine with smart, clean white paintwork, it’s engineered to be timeless, and looks sufficiently grown-up that very small people will be pleased to make the transition. Meanwhile, the protective side rails will keep them feeling snug and secure even as they wriggle around in their sleep. A fantastic buy for boys and girls making the move to grown-up beds. Find more toddler beds in our buyer's guide.

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Stompa Uno S Plus Mid-Sleeper with Pull-Out Desk

3. Stompa Uno S Plus Mid-Sleeper with Pull-Out Desk

Creative types and tidy tots will love this clever space-saving bed

Best for: Storage
Material: Pine, MDF
Storage: Yes
Size: H112.9cm x W208.3cm x L121.2cm
Reasons to buy
+ Huge abundance of storage + Clever pull-out desk 
Reasons to avoid
- No guarantee they’ll actually use all that storage 

This cleverly configured bed is a whole bedroom in one, with drawers and shelves tucked in around every corner. It’s a great space-saver, not only because it comprises a ton of bedroom storage without increasing the footprint by any considerable amount, but because it can play host to things that ordinarily might live on a bookshelf or in a toy chest (or, let’s face it, just on the floor).

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4. Stompa Una (With Trundle)

Whether friends or family, this detachable bunk bed with trundle has room for everyone

Best for:
Material: Pine, MDF
Storage: No
Size: H161.2cm x W105.1cm x L208.2cm
Reasons to buy
+ Can sleep up to three with pull-out trundle + Transforms into two separate singles 
Reasons to avoid
- Needs a continental mattress (regular will leave gaps) 

Easily the most versatile child’s bed on our list, the Stompa Una is a superb bunk bed for siblings sharing a room or kids who frequently have friends round for sleepovers. Comprising a bottom bunk, top bunk, and hidden pull-out trundle bed for added capacity, it sleeps three easily — however we’re most impressed by the bunks’ ability to detach. When kids grow too old to share, they can split into two separate singles. With its solid construction, fuss-free design and adjustability, this bed is sure to be a useful piece for years to come. 

Check out more bunk beds in our guide.

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5. Disney Cars Toddler Bed with Drawers

Future Jenson Buttons can speed off into dreamland with this adorable Disney bed

Best for: Future racers
Material: Wood
Storage: Yes
Size (HxWxL): H59 x W77 x L142 cm
Reasons to buy
+ Perfect for kids who love Pixar + Under-bed storage to keep their  
Reasons to avoid
- Reasonably niche design may be grown out of faster 

Let’s face it, who didn’t dream of owning a race car bed when they were younger? Now your little speed racers can realise that dream with this Disney’s Cars toddler bed, featuring cheerful glossy red paintwork, and some very handy under-bed storage. For kids who are making the step from crib to toddler bed, the protective side guards and the friendly face of Lightning McQueen are sure to ease them into the transition. This is best kids bed for boys or girls who are obsessed with the Disney movie, or just cars in general.

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6. Kids Teepee Cabin Bed

An amazing-looking cabin bed for cool kids and born adventurers

Best for: Statement piece
Material: Solid pine
Storage: No
Size: H159cm x W106cm x L215cm
Reasons to buy
+ Really charming design + Space for a mattress underneath 
Reasons to avoid
- Hard to get in there with them for story time 

Charmingly rustic and unique, this teepee-style bed will make them feel like they’re heading out for a night underneath the stars. It’s that rare thing: a piece of children’s furniture that’s minimal enough to fit in with grown-up room schemes, striking the right balance between playful and design-friendly. The exposed lollipop-stick-style pine details and simple cutouts are especially charming. If your child isn’t comfortable in an elevated midsleeper, this makes a lovely alternative to the Christopher Treehouse Bed. 

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What to consider when buying kids' beds?

When selecting the next bed for your little one, there are a few things to consider, namely the material and how long you think your child will be using it. 

Solid wood, especially pine, will stand firm for years and years, and exposed wood offset by classic white is a timeless choice that you’ll find on many kids’ beds. This is an especially good bet if you’re planning on keeping the bed in the family or, if it’s a full-sized bed, in the spare room. However, you can also get a little more out-there with your choice, if you prefer. 

Then there is style to think about, if this bed is meant to see your son or daughter through several years of childhood, opting for a classic looking kids bed that will not clash with their changing likes and dislikes is a safe bet. But, with treehouse beds for little monkeys and teepee beds for adventurous kids, racecar beds for those who dream of speed and beds with desks for budding creatives, there are a lot of fun options too!

Check out of top list of kids beds and trust us, they’ll actually be begging to go to bed — for once! 

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