Best home fragrance – 13 impressive scents by season and room

From reed diffusers to candles, these are the best home fragrances to elevate your interiors, as tested by our Deputy Ecommerce Editor

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We've been busy testing the best home fragrances – from reed diffusers to candles – so that you can buy online with peace of mind. We consider the aroma of your home to be just as important as the look of your interiors and with plenty of fragrances to choose from out there, finding the exact one to suit your taste is no easy task. We've found everything from the best home fragrance for fall, to the top floral home fragrance and even an oriental home fragrance. You can pick something to suit the season – and your interior style. It's the small changes that make a big difference at home, and a candle or reed diffuser is a relatively affordable buy that won't break the bank to spruce your interiors.

There are hundreds if not thousands of options on the market, and with new scents and collections being released all of the time, it's easy to feel overwhelmed. With this in mind, our Deputy Ecommerce Editor has personally tried and tested every one of these home fragrances inside her 2-bed apartment. The home fragrances that made it to this list have been her favorite so far. Below, you'll find everything from the best reed diffuser to our favorite candle. We've listed these home fragrances by scent, season, and room. Use the links on your left to jump through this page.

13 of the best home fragrances for 2022

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Types of home fragrance in this guide

Using one of the best candles makes a great way to scent your home, offering a time-release explosion of fragrance (for lack of better terms). Be sure to consider the wax of your candle, with soy being the best and most clean option in our opinion, and also consider the candle's size in comparison to your room size, and how many hours it can burn for. Another thing to think about is the safety of lighting a candle at home. If you have small children or wandering pets, then you might be best off to opt for a different type of home fragrance, unless you can place a candle well out of their reach to prevent it getting knocked over and wax spilling.

Reed diffusers
Another popular home fragrance type is reed diffusers, and they are sensational if you want more control over how strong the scent will be or have concerns about the safety of burning candles. Keep in mind that you'll need to flip the sticks to change which end is in the oil every couple of weeks (some reed diffusers require this every other day) for a fragrance boost. Again, even though reed diffusers aren't necessarily dangerous, you will still want to place them out of the way of children or pets to avoid spillages on your furniture.

The best oriental home fragrance

Rituals The Ritual of Sakura Fragrance Sticks with packagingReal Homes Rated Gold badge

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1. Rituals The Ritual of Sakura Fragrance Sticks


Life: 3-4 months
Size: 250ml
Notes: Rice milk and cherry blossom
Refill available?: Yes

The powerful oriental scent of Rituals' The Ritual of Sakura fragrance is one to turn heads – and surprise noses. If you are searching for a strong reed diffuser, perhaps for a bathroom for disguising odors, or for a hallway for flooding fragrance into several rooms, then this is it. It's small in size yet mighty powerful, and I tested it in my spare bedroom, hallway, and living room, and each time I was more impressed by it than the last. It really is powerful but in a good way, and I can definitely see myself repurchasing it again and again, especially since it seems to last a while.

With nods to the oriental fragrance family thanks to notes of rice milk, cherry blossom, it's a mix of creamy and sweet. You won't really need to flip the reeds with this diffuser, but you can do it when you want a boost or feel like you can no longer smell it (this should take a while!).

One thing we will complain about is the packaging. Although it's lovely and boasts a white ribbed design with black reeds, it is very easy to knock over. This is due to its tall shape, so we would suggest placing it way out of the way of small arms, tails and more. A benefit, though, is that you can buy refill bottles for this diffuser so that you can use the same vessel over and over again.

The best fresh home fragrance

Neom Happiness Reed Diffuser with the boxReal Homes Rated Gold badge

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2. Neom Happiness Reed Diffuser


Life: Up to 10 weeks
Size: 3.38oz
Notes: Neroli, Mimosa, Lemon
Refill available?: Yes

Opt for a Neom reed diffuser, specifically their Happiness scent, for use at home during the summertime. This citrus-based fragrance offers a welcomed boost to any room, while it's particularly fitting for kitchens, for busy living rooms for a refresh and it's perfect for an entryway to flood a subtle scent throughout your rooms. I tested this reed diffuser in my bedroom and in my living room, and I think it's the perfect refreshing blend for spring and summer, and it would also work well in an entryway.

This uplifting scent is fragranced using neroli, mimosa and lemon essential oils, plus it's 100 percent natural for peace of mind. It's completely cruelty-free and also made without the use of sulfates, phthalates, parabens, petrochemicals, mineral oil, silicone and talc.

Housed inside a glass vessel with an elegant metal collar, this reed diffuser looks as elegant as it smells, with classic Neom labelling. Included comes six reeds and it's packaged inside a Neom box, ensuring it's ready to gift if need be.

The best herbal home fragrance

The White Company Geranium Leaf Candle with packaging, and an orange and leaf plant next to itReal Homes Rated Gold badge

(Image credit: The White Company)

3. The White Company Geranium Leaf Candle


Burn Time: 28hrs
Size: 4.9oz
Notes: Geranium, Peppermint, Sicilian Orange
Wax: Mineral

Searching for a fresh home fragrance? This Geranium Leaf candle should be in your home – it's uplighting and anything but subtle. A unique blend of citrus with herbs and fruits, it's also powerful enough to rid your home of any smells. Place it in a kitchen or bathroom, or even hallway for the best results. I loved lighting this candle after cleaning, to flood a fresh fragrance through my home. It's definitely kitchen and bathroom friendly, but don't hide its gorgeous ceramic vessel away. Be aware that this candle can be overpowering if lit in a smaller room, though.

With immediate notes of geranium, hence the name, as well as peppermint and Sicilian orange, there are also very subtle notes of lavender in this candle. A unique herbal aroma that should be a happy fit for most people, just be aware that it's only available to buy at certain times of the year. Stock up whilst you can!

Poured inside a ceramic vessel that arrives complete with a lid, we think this candle looks as great as it smells. It also arrives inside a box, in case you want to give it as a gift to someone special. The same goes for all The White Company candles – they are filled in the UK using high-quality wax.

The best floral home fragrance

Noble Isle Rhubarb Rhubarb Reed Diffuser in black glass vessel with boxReal Homes Rated Gold badge

(Image credit: Noble Isle)

4. Noble Isle Rhubarb Rhubarb! Fine Fragrance Reed Diffuser


Life: 16-20 weeks
Size: 100ml
Notes: Rhubarb, Juniper Berry, Rosemary
Refills available?: No

If it's a sweet fragrance that you are searching for, then we can recommend the awesome Noble Isle Rhubarb Rhubarb diffuser. Not only is it housed in an elegant black glass vessel, but this diffuser is powerfully fragranced to impress. I use this reed diffuser in my entryway, to flood its gorgeous floral yet slightly sweet fragrance throughout my home, and to make a good impression on guests in the first instance of them stepping foot into my home. A flip of the reeds releases a burst of fragrance, and I would go as far as to say that it's my signature hallway scent. I probably wouldn't try anything else now.

A balancing aroma of sweet rhubarb, sour juniper berry and fresh muddled rosemary, the sweet smell of this diffuser is never overpowering, yet it always manages to reach each and every corner of a room. We use ours to scent our entryway, and it always impresses guests on their arrival. As well as being sweet, this scent is nice and fresh and perfect for use during spring and summer. Plus, it has lasted us several months and reeds require infrequent flipping. Also, the fragrance is cruelty-free and vegan.

Elegantly poured inside a black glass vessel, this reed diffuser comes with five reeds, and it definitely looks smart enough to earn its place on display. It also arrives nestled inside an elegant gift box.  Just bear in mind that you can't buy fragrance refills of this diffuser.

The best warm home fragrance

Noble Isle Whisky and Water candle lit with boxReal Homes Rated Gold badge

(Image credit: Noble Isle)

5. Noble Isle Whisky and Water Candle


Burn Time: 45hrs
Size: 200g
Notes: Whisky, Water
Wax: Mineral

When we say that Noble Isle's Whisky and Water Candle is spicy, we truly mean it. It's also powerful and can be smelled before it's lit. Use it to fragrance any size room – and to make a statement. I mostly used this candle inside my spare bedroom, when it was a home office. It's quite a serious fragrance and isn't one for everyone, thanks to its super strong scent (you can actually smell it even when unlit). It's quite masculine but great for the warmer months. It burns clean, though you'll want to avoid lighting this candle in window-less rooms as it might become too overpowering.

Scented with, you guessed it: whisky and water, but also tonka bean and amber for good balance. It also has subtle floral notes to control its power, but otherwise, it's as spicy as they come.

Poured inside a matte black glass vessel with a subtle Noble Isle logo on the front, this candle looks as elegant as it smells. It also arrives inside a lovely gift box with a bow on top. It's vegan and also has a 45-hour burn time. It doesn't come with a lid.

The best vanilla home fragrance

Floral Street Vanilla Bloom Reed Diffuser with packaging next to itReal Homes Rated Gold badge

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6. Floral Street Vanilla Bloom Reed Diffuser


Life: Up to 4 months
Size: 3.4oz
Notes: Plum, Liquid Musks, Spanish Ciste, Cashmere woods, Amber, Vanilla
Refills available?: No

If you have been searching for a vanilla reed diffuser that isn't too warm — or too overpowering —then this is the one for you. Floral Street's Vanilla Bloom diffuser is the perfect concoction of scents, and it's the perfect addition to your home to brighten a room, and not only because it's housed in a bright yellow vessel to add a pop of color to your interiors at the same time. I tried this reed diffuser everywhere, from my kitchen to my living room and my entryway, and it's pretty versatile. Though it's not as strong as you'd expect from a vanilla fragrance, I liked this about it as sometimes I find vanilla scents to be super overpowering. It's uplifting and slightly warm. 

This Nordstrom-exclusive is a delicious blend of vanilla, plum, rose, and amber, for a deeper vanilla fragrance that never smells too warm or too powerful. We suggest using this diffuser in an entryway or living room, for an uplifting instantaneous effect. The fragrance itself is paraben-free, sulfate-free, phthalate-free, dye-free, and pigment-free.

This fragrance is poured inside a fun bright yellow glass vessel, complete with a metal collar and five thick reeds. You'll want to flip these reeds every few weeks. It arrives inside a gorgeous floral box to impress, too. Unfortunately, you can't buy refills to top up your diffuser with fragrance, although this scent does come in more forms than a reed diffuser, but also a candle and more.

The best home fragrance for spring

Soak Sunday Cleo's Paradise Honey & Oat Scented CandleReal Homes Rated Gold badge

(Image credit: Soak Sunday)

7. Soak Sunday Cleo's Paradise Honey & Oat Scented Candle


Burn Time: 35hrs
Size: 230g
Notes: Honey, Oats
Wax: N/A

This exquisite blend from Soak Sunday will be sure to impress this spring – in both looks and design. A fitting blend of honey and oat, it's the perfect signature candle for the start of the warmer weather season. Plus, it's light enough to enjoy inside any room of your home, though we'd recommend confining it to your bedroom, entryway, or living room. I preferred lighting this candle in my bedroom, and it burned clean, though bear in mind you'll want to trim your wicks regularly.

Unlike any other fragrance combination we've ever smelled, this candle is made using spring flower honey and soothing oatmeal and then balanced with vanilla, honeycomb, and roasted oats. It's light, making it perfect for spring and summer, yet its throwability is impressive. We've had guests comment on the scent of this candle, saying how impressed they are by its aroma.

We love the white glass vessel that this candle is poured inside. It's elegant, with a quote reading 'Sink into your soul & emerge eternally glowing' wrapped around its front. The glass vessel itself is thick and sizeable at 230g. Oh, and it has a 35 hour burn time.

The best home fragrance for summer

Skandinavisk Lempi CandleReal Homes Rated Gold badge

(Image credit: Skandinavisk)

8. Skandinavisk Lempi Candle


Burn time: 50hrs
Size: 200g
Notes: Peony, Rose, Strawberries & Mosses
Wax: Swedish Rapeseed Wax

We've said it before and we'll say it again: this Skandinavisk candle is one of our top favorites around. It's the perfect floral candle that never takes over a room, giving off just the right amount of fragrance to reach from one corner of a room to the other. Plus, it burns nice and evenly every time. This candle will always be one of my favorites – in fact I've repurchased it again and again. Every time it burns evenly, and its aroma always manages to fill my living room and impress my guests.

The Lempi candle is fragranced using all of the best floral scents, including peonies, roses, strawberries, and even mosses for good balance. To remind you of spring and summer blooms, even when you might be stuck inside. We sometimes find floral scents to be a tad overpowering, but this is never the case with this Scandinavisk candle. In fact, it boasts an impressive throw and is quite nice and subtle.

Poured into a white glass Scandi-style vessel that's made from 30 percent recyclable materials, this candle even has an FSC-certified wooden lid for keeping dust away. It's made of a Swedish rapeseed wax blend. We think it looks as pretty as it smells.

The best home fragrance for fall

The White Company Fireside Diffuser next to its box on top of a wooden board, with foliage and berries surrounding itReal Homes Rated Gold badge

(Image credit: The White Company)

9. The White Company Fireside Diffuser


Life: 3 months
Size: 5.1oz
Notes: Smoked Woods, Birch, Amber
Refills Available?: No

The White Company's Fireside diffuser is the perfect addition to your home come fall and wintertime. Just place the reeds in the fragrance as soon as the weather starts getting cold. Then, pop it in a living room, bedroom, or entryway and breathe in the powerful yet unique scent that replicates... you guessed it: the smell of a roaring fireplace. It really is extraordinary – and impressively powerful yet never too scented. This is one of, if not the best reed diffuser that I've ever tested at home. Its impressive reach paired with its luxurious woody fragrance had this diffuser turn my bedroom into the most inviting space as the temperatures were getting colder.

With scent notes of smoked woods, birch and amber, this concoction almost screams fall and winter. It adds a warm and cozy vibe to any room, no matter its size. You'll need to flip the reeds occasionally, but rest assured once you do, this scent will fill the air in your space. You can also place this reed diffuser anywhere inside a room – it doesn't need to be placed in the center of a space! It's definitely not one for spring or summer, just an FYI.

Housed inside the classic The White Company glass vessel, this diffuser will look the part on your side whilst scenting your home. It comes with rattan sticks to use accordingly, based on your room size and strength preference. It also comes inside a gorgeous white box, making it ready to gift.

The best home fragrance for Christmas

The White Company Fir Tree Candle lit with its box and foliage surrounding itReal Homes Rated Gold badge

(Image credit: The White Company)

10. The White Company Fir Tree Candle


Burn time: 18hrs
Size: 75g
Notes: Eucalyptus, Pine & Cedar
Wax: Mineral

The White Company's Fir Tree candle is, without a doubt, our best pick for wintertime. Why? It smells like your Christmas tree, but better – and 10 times more fresh. I spent the entirety of December and January lighting this candle inside my living room. My dinner guests couldn't stop commenting on its fragrance, and even though my living room is sizeable it always managed to add a festive feel to this space.

This Christmassy candle has woody yet fresh notes of pine, eucalyptus, and cedarwood. Though wintery, it still manages to give off a slightly ozonic fragrance to leave your rooms smelling fresh. We definitely suggest placing this candle in your living room; otherwise, it works great in a hallway to greet your guests with a festive fragrance.

You can buy this candle in several sizes, from 14g tea lights to a whopping 1555g candle. We suggest picking the 585g candle since it has the longest burn time of 114 hours. Though the votive size that we've pictured above is most popular. You can select whether you'd prefer this The White Company candle to come in a glass votive or unhoused and ready to light on a plate.

The best home fragrance for bedrooms

Neom Organics London Real Luxury Standard Scented Candle with packagingReal Homes Rated Gold badge

(Image credit: Neom)

11. Neom Organics London Real Luxury Scented Candle


Burn Time: 20hrs/35hrs/50hrs
Size: 2.65oz/6.52oz/14.81oz
Notes: Lavender, Jasmine, Brazilian Rosewood
Wax: Vegetable

Aptly named the Real Luxury candle, this Neom offering ticks all our boxes when it comes to finding an appropriate candle for your bedroom. Plus, it comes in a range of sizes, whether you are searching for a single wick candle or a three-wick option. Moreover, it burns super clean, and whilst testing I used it in both my bedroom and my entryway. I preferred burning this candle in my bedroom, before bed to help me unwind.

This candle gets its aroma from a blend of 24 natural essential oils, meaning that it's kind to light inside the room in which you sleep and breathe all night long. Its main fragrance notes come from lavender, jasmine, and Brazilian rosewood. It's a floral blend overall, but it's also, as its name suggests, relaxing and also slightly warm. Its scent is one you can light pretty much year-round.

Hand-poured inside a classic Neom glass vessel, this candle comes in your choice of three sizes, with a maximum burn time of up to 50 hours. This vessel is quite often used once the candle has fully burned, and cleaned out to become a plant pot or makeup brush holder.

The best home fragrance for bathrooms

Yankee Candle 2022 Scent of the Year Inspire in blue jar with lidReal Homes Rated Gold badge

(Image credit: Yankee Candle)

12. Yankee Candle 2022 Scent of the Year Inspire


Burn Time: 110 - 150hrs
Size: 623g
Notes: Sea Salt, Lime
Wax: Paraffin

Inspire is Yankee Candle's scent of the year for 2022, and it's safe to say that this citrus fragrance is nice and fresh. We think it's the best fit for freshening up a bathroom, and with its impressive burn time you can leave this candle alight whilst you have guests over, to make an everlasting impression in your bathroom. It has been doing an incredible job at scenting my bathroom so far, though this space is small and windowless, it's never too overpowering and offers the perfect balance of a fresh aroma.

Inspire is a very fresh and citrus-based scent, and on the first sniff, you can definitely smell the ocean breeze accords as well as a hint of the lime. Undertones include bamboo, ginger, cedar, verbena, driftwood plus more. This fragrance will be sure to add an uplifting effect to your bathroom.

Nothing dissimilar to the usual Yankee Candle packaging, Inspire comes in an apothecary jar with a glass dome lid, with a fancy blue pattern for adding some color to your bathroom.

The best home fragrance for kitchens

Mrs. Meyer's Lavender Large Jar Candle, the best home fragrance for kitchensReal Homes Rated Gold badge

(Image credit: Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day)

13. Mrs. Meyer's Lavender Large Jar Candle


Burn Time: 35hrs
Size: 7.2oz
Notes: Lavender
Wax: Soy/Vegetable

Mrs. Meyer's fans will already know this scent well since it's also available in everything from hand soap to dryer sheets. But we're still not sick of it, and the crisp, fresh, and inviting lavender scent is one of our favorite choices for a powder room or entryway. I tested this lovely candle and used it in mostly my kitchen and bathroom, and its impressive scent is anything but overpowering. I'm not usually a fan of lavender fragrances, but this one is a lovely fresh blend that's also herbal, to imitate a clean home.

It's light, floral, and clean, reminiscent of a bright spring day in the park. A lovely combination of floral and herbal, this lavender fragrance is slightly warm making it perfect for use in between the seasons. 

The Mrs. Meyer's Lavender candle comes in an eco-friendly recycled glass jar that complements casual spaces well. It looks great in a kitchen or bathroom, though we'd probably avoid displaying it in your entryway, bedroom or living room. Perfect for the warmer months, this home fragrance is made from renewable ingredients like soy and vegetable wax that make it a sustainable scent, too.  

How did we test these home fragrances?

Our Deputy Ecommerce Editor, Annie Collyer, has been testing all types of home fragrance from reed diffusers to candles and room sprays, inside her home for the best part of a year now. She has had hands-on experience with each and every one of the products in this guide, and she tests the candles until they are fully burned. The reed diffusers have all been tested until they are near to empty, and she tends to move these fragrances around her home to see which room(s) they work best inside.

Annie lives inside a spacious 2-bedroom apartment, with two pets (a dog and a rabbit), so rest assured she's a great tester for these home fragrances. Whether you are searching for something to mask pet smells or a reed diffuser for a spacious living room, she can help.

What to consider when choosing the best home fragrance?

We've listed a range of specs above, along with each product we recommend. Specifications differ from reed diffusers to candles, but when it comes to both of these home fragrances, we've made sure to list both size and notes. Go for a larger candle or reed diffuser if you are considering this for a big space. Consider each fragrance's notes and think about the scents you usually pick up, or ones you already own (and like) at home.

Otherwise, when it comes to candles we've also been sure to list the burn time of each fragrance. Consider this and compare it to the candle's price. The last specification for candles that we listed is wax. This is mostly down to personal preference, but we have found that soy wax burns cleaner than others – and it does tend to be a better option for breathing in.

When listing reed diffusers, we've been sure to note each one's lifespan. This is an approximate timeframe that your reed diffuser should fragrance your home for. This is also useful to compare with the reed diffuser's price tag to consider whether it's worth it, in your opinion. Moreover, we've made sure to check if each reed diffuser has to be fully replaced once finished, or if refills are available. Refilling your reed diffuser isn't only an eco-friendly option, but it's also more affordable than buying the entire diffuser vessel and fragrance again and again.

Annie Collyer
Head Ecommerce Editor

Hi! I'm Annie, and I'm the Head Ecommerce Editor at Real Homes. Along with my team, I'm here to review all of the products you might be considering buying for your home. As someone who lives in a flat with a small amount of storage space to work with, and with two indoor pets to clean up after, I am forever searching for stylish yet functional appliances that won't blemish my decor if I can't fit them in a cupboard. I love decorating my living room for each season, while my other hobbies include drinking a decent cup of coffee, going on park walks with my dog and enjoying an Instagrammable brunch with my husband.