8 pretty garden tools: get gardening in style

We've found the best pretty garden tools, whether you're looking for a gift for the gardener in your life or just a treat for yourself

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On the look out for pretty garden tools? Are you garden tools looking a little drab and dated and in need of an update? We've rounded up the best designs that will not only help you get your garden on track for summer but also look fabulous in their own right.

These beautiful tools are the perfect treat while trapped at home and will maybe even help motivate you to start work on the garden. Also since they're so pretty they'll make a great gift for friends or family, whether it's for a special occasion or just to brighten their day. And since they can be delivered straight from the companies there's no excuse not to treat the ones you love.  

Take a look at the our guide to the best gardening tools for some more advice on finding the perfect tool.

1. Brighten up your garden with these spring shades

pretty watering can

(Image credit: Annabel James)

Who says your garden tools have to made from thick plastic in camouflage green or black? There is a whole host of beautiful pieces made from durable galavanised steel and decorated in beautiful prints. We love this colourful design from the RHS featuring our favourite garden birds.

2. This galvanised metal storage solution is perfect for vintage lovers

Galvanized tin caddy on table

(Image credit: Annabel James)

This flexible Burgon & Ball and Sophie Conran trug is any gardeners best friend. The perfect place to hold all your tools and seeds while you sow your the borders. Then come the end of the day, it makes clearing up a breeze as it can just sit in your shed, greenhouse or utility until you next need to get some pruning done. Plus it's galvanised metal design means its hard-wearing and waterproof – all essential qualities in any garden tools. 

3. Save on the tidying up in style with an elegant scoop

raised bed with soil and spade

(Image credit: Sophie Conran)

Gardening can be a messy process, but the right tools can make it a breeze. This Compost Scoop is cylindrical in design which means it holds the soil much better than a trowel and stops your hands getting covered in dirt. Created by British designer Sophie Conran, it features a tasteful yet minimalist look that channels the rustic charm of cottage chic.

With a Waxed FSC beechwood handle, brass ferrule and stainless steel head, it comes in a pale blue gift box making it an beautiful, and highly practical, present. 

4. Get a personalised garden sign to mark out your turf

garden sign

(Image credit: Prezzy Box)

Whether you want to mark your spot on the allotment or are looking for a cute gift for a friend, a garden sign is the perfect way to tell everyone who is behind the masterful blooms and bountiful fruit and veg plots. 

5. Protect your hands with these floral gardening gloves

Gloves cutting flowers

(Image credit: Burgon & Ball)

Offering high-quality protection in a beautiful archive print, these British Bloom gloves may look dainty but with a cushioned palm, gathered wrist and strong fabric exterior are hard-wearing and will protect you when pruning even the thorniest roses. Plus they are machine washable at 30°C which will ensure they always look their best (even when you accidentally leave them outside overnight).

6. Care for plants inside and out with a stylish ceramic watering can

watercans with house plants

(Image credit: Oliver Bonas)

You don't have to have a garden to need gardening tools. Watering cans and secateurs are essential for tending houseplants too. These beautiful watering cans from Oliver Bonas are idea for plants inside and out and will look beautiful stored on a shelf or next to your houseplant collection.

7. Beautiful kneeling pad to make weeding a breeze

kneeling pad in garden

(Image credit: Burgon & Ball)

Gardening can get uncomfortable, particularly if you are knelt on a concrete path for hours on end. This beautifully designed Burgon and Ball Kneelo kneeling pad celebrates some of the country's best loved blooms, dahlias and peonies, brought centre stage.

Part of a collaboration with the RHS, the range sees archive patterns includes early nineteenth century botanical illustrations and watercolours dating back to the 1630s found in RHS Lindley Library brought back into the garden.

8. Child friendly gardening tools for your little helpers

Mr Fox garden tools

(Image credit: Amara)

Children love getting involved in the garden, so give your little gardening buddies a set of tools to call their own. Featuring the popular Mr Fox design, these pieces from Scion with delight little helpers while still being completely functional.

Check out these ways to create a child-friendly garden that adults will love too.

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