6 of the best wind chimes for the Zen garden of your dreams

The perfect addition to patio areas, we’ve narrowed down the best wind chimes for for a soothing ambiance in your garden

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The best wind chimes

From tinkling steel to the hollow sounds of bamboo, wind chimes make a beautiful addition to gardens, both visually and atmospherically. With a range of materials and sizes available, each individual wind chime will create a unique sound, emitting a soft background noise to which you can enjoy the tranquility of your garden. 

Traditional is best when it comes to wind chimes, which is why we’ve placed the Woodstock Amazing Grace Chime at the top of our list. The aluminium chimes have been tuned to play the opening notes of Amazing Grace, denoting the spiritual roots from which these natural instruments come from.  If you believe the sound of a metal chime will be too harsh for your garden, wooden chimes are much softer, so you should have a look at our Ethical Roots Bamboo Wind Chimes as an alternative. 

In addition the material, consider the length of the chimes, as the shorter they are, the higher pitch will be. Different metals also produce different sounds; hard metals, such as aluminium and steel produce a high tinkly sound, while copper is softer and produces a mellower chime.

The best wind chime

1. Woodstock Amazing Grace Chime

Tinkling the first notes of Amazing Grace, this tuned wind chime plays a familiar tune

Tube material: Aluminum
Clapper material: Wood
Length: 63.5cm
Reasons to buy
+Plays a well-loved tune

This very traditional wind chime features aluminium tubes for a distinct metallic sound. Each tube represents a note in the opening of Amazing Grace, so you may find the tune is familiar at times. It features a removable windcatcher, which you can customise if you’re planning on giving it as a gift, while the 25” chime length should emit a lower pitch sound. 

Copper Jade Wind Chime

2. Copper Jade Wind Chime

For a softer, mellower sound choose this copper wind chime

Tube material: Copper
Clapper material: Steel
Length: 76cm
Reasons to buy
+Softer, mellower sound than many

For smaller gardens or in residential areas where houses are close together, copper wind chimes are the best, as the sound they produce is mellower. The copper tubes have been tuned play a pleasing melody, while the inclusion of jade beading on the wind catcher string denotes peace, wisdom and balance – the perfect accompaniment, both spiritually and aesthetically.  

Ethical Roots Bamboo Wind Chimes

3. Ethical Roots Bamboo Wind Chimes

Fairtrade and ethically sourced, this softly sounded wind chime is also perfect for smaller areas

Tube material: Bamboo
Clapper material: Wood
Length: 30cm
Reasons to buy
+Ethically produced, certified Fairtrade

With Fairtrade credentials, this bamboo and coconut wind chime is ethically sourced and made by the locals in Bali who receive a good wage and working conditions. The combination of the bamboo tubes and the wooden clapper creates a soft subtle sound in the wind, which makes it the best wind chime material for small spaces.  

Solalite Colour Changing Wind Chime

4. Solalite Colour Changing Wind Chime

Experience music and light with this solar powered wind chime

Tube material: Metal
Clapper material: Glass
Length: 76cm
Reasons to buy
+Features solar-powered lights

With its angular design and colour changing glass orb, this wind chime certainly has a striking modern edge. Solar powered, it charges during the day and lights up at night, emitting blues, greens, reds and yellows into your garden. With a length of 76cm, it’s fairly sizeable, making it ideal for that statement garden piece. 

Mirx Bronze Metal Wind Chimes

5. Mirx Bronze Metal Wind Chimes

This traditional Chinese wind chime may even bring you wealth

Tube material: Bronze
Clapper material: Metal
Length: 60cm
Reasons to buy
+Excellent value

With a red wood top, bronze tubes, decorative bells and berries, this intricate wind charm features Chinese tokens of wealth and delivers a soft tinkly sound. For under ten pounds, you certainly receive a lot of wind chime for your money and with the potential for good luck, too, it may make a worthwhile investment! 

Aveki Solar-Powered Wind Chime

6. Aveki Solar-Powered Wind Chime

If you want to go really out there with the colour changing feature, take a look at this hummingbird wind chime

Tube material: Acrylic
Clapper material: None
Length: 60cm
Reasons to buy
+Intricate colour-changing design

If you’re a fan of unique trinkets, this solar powered multi-coloured wind chime is the ultimate decorative piece. With their intricate design and green wings, the colour-changing hummingbirds will certainly take centre stage in your garden, and with a solar powered battery as the top, you don’t need to worry about any additional wiring or battery costs.  

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