How to protect your garden furniture over winter

Content supplied by White Stores.

Now that the weather has taken a turn for the cold, wet and miserable, you’ll want to make sure that your garden furniture makes it through the season intact. Not everyone has the luxury of space to accommodate this furniture indoors, so what can you do to keep it protected until spring?

Dining tables, chairs and decking are all particular vulnerable at this time of year and need to be cared for. Take a strong bristle brush and give the wooden furniture a good scrub to remove any excess dirt, algae, lichen and fungi.

Before applying any stains or protective oils, make sure conditions are dry and the temperature is above five degrees Celsius. Furniture restorers can help bring greying wood back to life and can be purchased from most gardening stores. Apply the protective stain evenly with a soft paint brush, ensuring that no excess oil collects in any cracks or grooves.

Plastic and metal furniture is also at risk during the winter, so it’s important that they are kept covered and dry. To avoid expensive restoration costs in spring, you should invest in some protective garden furniture covers from White Stores. These are made from water-resistant, non-rot thread polyethylene and are specifically designed to endure the harmful effects of the winter weather.