Turmerry Latex Mattress Topper review: a perforated pick for the perfect night's sleep

The Turmerry Latex Mattress Topper is supportive and firm, but it's design probably isn't suitable for trypophobia sufferers

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Real Homes Verdict

The Turmerry latex mattress topper is very comfortable and helps to relieve pressure points, but it does so without being so soft that you sink into it. I found it was best suited to side sleepers, and its motion isolation is ideal for couples or those whose pets sleep in their beds.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Made of sustainably-derived organic latex

  • +

    Perforations allow for airflow

  • +

    Securely stays in place

  • +

    Excellent pressure point prevention

  • +

    Suitable for combination sleepers

  • +

    Available in multiple thicknesses and firmnesses

  • +

    120-night free trial and money-back guarantee

  • +

    Five-year warranty

  • +

    Oeko-Tex, LGA, and eco-INSTITUT certified for safety

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Heavy and difficult to move

  • -

    Moderate offgassing

  • -

    No edge support

  • -

    No instructions included

  • -

    Cover isn’t included with two and three inch toppers

  • -

    Design is heavy and difficult to move

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The Turmerry Latex Mattress Topper not only gives buyers a choice of three thicknesses and four firmness options, but it’s also available in six sizes. 

Made of organic latex, the topper features five-zone construction to support multiple sleeping positions. It also features generous perforations to maximize airflow, helping to prevent heat buildup and maximize comfort.  

The Queen mattress topper weighs 30 pounds, so unwrapping and maneuvering it was challenging with one person. Once in place, though, the mattress didn’t shift at all during our testing. It’s backed by a 120-night free trial and a five-year warranty, and the fact that Turmerry plants a tree for every order is just one more reason that it's one of the best mattress toppers on the market.

Turmerry latex mattress topper review

What I thought of the Turmerry latex mattress topper

Turmerry mattress topper installed on bed with metal frame and white blinds in background and printed wallpaper wall covering

(Image credit: Paige Cerulli)

I found the Turmerry latex mattress topper to be highly comfortable and very effective in preventing pressure points. I was able to comfortably sleep on my side and back with no noticeable extra heat buildup. While the topper weighs 30 pounds and was difficult to get into place by myself, those qualities also helped to keep it securely in place, solving the shifting problem that is so common with other types of mattress toppers. 

Knowing that this topper is an eco-friendly product makes me appreciate it even more. It’s crafted from latex from organically grown rubber trees in Sri Lanka, and Turmerry advertises that it plants a tree in your name for every order

Turmerry latex mattress topper specifications

  • Type: Latex
  • Cover: Optional purchase, included with four-inch toppers
  • Fill: Latex foam
  • Thickness: two, three or four inch options (I tested the 3-inch)
  • Weight of topper: 30 pounds (Queen, three inch)
  • Firmness: Soft, Medium, Firm, Extra Firm (I tested the Medium)
  • Sizes available: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, California King
  • Care: Spot clean

Setting up the Turmerry latex mattress topper

Turmerry latex mattress topper in cardboard box

(Image credit: Paige Cerulli)

The Turmerry Latex Mattress Topper arrived in a single, plain cardboard box. Since the Queen three-inch topper weighs 30 lbs, the box was awkward and heavy to carry. The topper was tightly wrapped in multiple layers of plastic, and the plastic was then covered in clear packing tape. The box and topper were in excellent condition when they arrived. 

Turmerry latex mattress topper in plastic wrap on bed

(Image credit: Paige Cerulli)

There were no instructions in the box, so I placed the wrapped topper on my bed and tried to use scissors to open the packaging. This was difficult, as the topper was tightly compressed, and there were several layers of tape to cut through. I never found a point where I could pull all of the tape off and then just unwrap the packaging, so I had to cut the entire wrapping off. 

Cutting open plastic wrap to reveal Turmerry latex mattress topper

(Image credit: Paige Cerulli)

Once unwrapped, I tried to position the topper on my bed, which was also a challenge. The topper has a texture that’s very sticky and grippy against any sort of fabric, so moving and sliding it is a two-person job. I did get the topper into place and was pleased to see that it’s generously sized. Whereas other toppers that I’ve tested have often been a couple of inches too short for my mattress, this topper hung about two inches off of both ends of the mattress. 

Turmerry mattress topper perforation detail

(Image credit: Paige Cerulli)

After being unwrapped, the topper immediately expanded to its full height, unlike memory foam toppers, which gradually expanded over hours after unwrapping. 

There was a moderate off-gassing smell, but it wasn’t particularly unpleasant. Honestly, I thought it smelled a bit like cookie dough. The smell dissipated quickly, and within two hours I couldn’t smell it when I walked into the room. 

I could smell the odor for the first week while sleeping on the topper, but it was faint and didn’t bother me.

A brown ruler being used to measure Turmerry latex mattress topper

(Image credit: Paige Cerulli)

Testing the Turmerry latex mattress topper

Test 1: Firmness and support

Paige Cerulli, a white female wearing a navy blue sweater, pressing down on the Turmerry latex mattress topper to demonstrate firmness

(Image credit: Paige Cerulli)

I tried the three inch medium firmness topper and found it to be very comfortable, both when sleeping on my side and on my back. I immediately noticed that the topper does an excellent job of relieving pressure points, especially on my knees, ankles, and hips while sleeping on my side. 

While the topper has a soft and cushioned feel to it, I was able to easily roll over onto my back without feeling like I was restricted or sinking in too deeply. According to Turmerry, the topper is constructed with five zones to support the different areas of your body. I can’t necessarily feel a difference in the zones, but I would say that this topper is more supportive than others that I’ve tried, like the Allswell 4” Memory Foam Mattress Topper I reviewed.

Test 2: Motion tranfer

Paige Cerulli, a white woman pressing hand down on Turmerry latex mattress topper with a decorative glass filled with water on bed to demonstrate motion transfer

(Image credit: Paige Cerulli)

The topper also helps to prevent motion transfer. It’s supportive enough to keep a glass of water upright. I pressed down on multiple points of the topper and didn’t manage to vibrate the water in the glass until I was about 14 inches from the glass. 

That ability to prevent motion transfer would make this topper excellent for couples or people who sleep with their pets in bed. My cats often join me in bed and I wasn’t able to feel or hear them walking unless they were right beside me. 

Test 3: Edge support

Paige Cerulli, a white woman, demonstrating lack of edge support on the Turmerry latex mattress topper by placing her hand on the edge of the product

(Image credit: Paige Cerulli)

While the topper does have a supportive feel to it, it doesn’t offer much in terms of edge support. I can fully compress the edge of the topper with my hand, so it may not be an ideal option for anyone who has difficulty getting out of bed and who relies on pressing on the bed’s edges to lift themselves. 

However, since the topper has a sticky feel to it and grips fabric, I was pleased to find that no matter how much I tried to shift around on the side, I wasn’t able to slide it off the bed, even slightly. I often find that keeping toppers in place is tricky, and they tend to shift around. That’s not the case with this one.  

Test 4: Breathability and coolness

This cooling mattress topper features many quarter-inch perforations that travel through to both sides. I didn’t feel that it was any warmer than my regular mattress. I did test it during the winter, but since the topper is supportive and I didn’t sink deeply down into it, I found it to be fairly breathable.  

Test 5: Safety

Turmerry latex mattress topper certification tags

(Image credit: Paige Cerulli)

The mattress topper holds several certifications indicating its safety: 

Cleaning and maintaining the Turmerry latex mattress topper

Turmerry recommends using the best mattress protector you can afford with your topper since a mattress protector can be easily washed. The company also recommends periodically allowing the topper to air out in a well-ventilated area and rotating it at least twice a year. 

According to Turmerry, you can use baking soda (get it cheap from Amazon Fresh) to refresh and deodorize your mattress topper. Spot cleaning with white vinegar (available at Amazon) can help to clean up liquid spills. It’s important to avoid using strong detergents, bleach, and solvents, which can damage the latex foam. 

I was also able to find some basic information on Turmerry’s website, and the site also has some instructions for cleaning a mattress topper.  

Is the Turmerry latex mattress topper right for you?

This is a topper that I will continue to use, and I imagine it would be a great option for most people who are looking for an affordable way to add a bit of cushion to their mattresses without creating a surface that’s too soft. 

Plus, Turmerry offers a 120-night free trial and a 100% money-back guarantee, so buyers can try and return the topper if it turns out to not be right for them.

If this isn't the right choice for you, these three suggestions might suit your sleep needs:

How we tested the Turmerry latex mattress topper

The Turmerry latex mattress topper on queen-sized bed. There is slight overhang with this product.

(Image credit: Paige Cerulli)

The brand sent me the Turmerry Latex Mattress Topper and I tested the topper in my home for several weeks. I used the following criteria during my testing and review process. Whether or not you buy this particular product, these criteria might be helpful when choosing a mattress topper.

Unboxing: I evaluated the conditioning of the packaging and the topper when it arrived. I considered whether the packaging included any unsustainable materials, like styrofoam. I also evaluated how easily I was able to unbox and install the topper. 

Operation: I considered my entire experience in using the topper, including how quickly it expanded to its full height and how soon I was able to use it after unboxing. I performed several tests, including evaluating edge support and how well the topper prevents motion transfer, and considered how comfortable and warm the topper was while sleeping in different positions. 

Ease of use: I also weighed how easy the topper was to use, including how well it fit my bed and how securely it stayed in place during use. 

Ease of cleaning: I considered how easy it is to clean the topper, and I also weighed any maintenance requirements recommended by Turmerry. 

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