Soak & Sleep mattress topper review

We put this Soak & Sleep wool mattress topper to the test and here's what we thought...

Soak & Sleep mattress topper review
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Real Homes Verdict

A great mattress topper for adding a ton of softness and comfort to even the oldest of mattresses. Definitely aids sleep too and perfect for staying cool on hot summer nights

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Temperature regulating

  • +

    A good options for couples

  • +

    Made from a sustainable material

Reasons to avoid
  • -


  • -

    It can become flat over time (just needs regular plump)

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Thinking of buying a mattress topper? Honestly, they are a game-changer. If your current mattress isn't the comfiest but you don't want to invest in a whole new one, or if you are renting and have inherited a... less than fresh mattress, a good topper will really make a whole load of difference.

I have been putting the Soak & Sleep Luxury New Zealand Wool Mattress Topper to the test over the last few months and it really has made our second hand mattress so much more comfy, just adding a layer of squish that was lacking before. Keep reading for my more in depth opinions, including what kind of sleep it would suit, what it's like to sleep on and whether it's worth the money.  

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Type: Wool topper
Sizes: Cot bed, single, double, king size, super king, emperor, small single, small double, euro single, euro double, euro king
Cost: £90.00 - £160.00

Who will the Soak & Sleep mattress topper suit?

If you just want to add a nice bit of squish to your current mattress, the Soak & Sleep topper will do just that. It doesn't add support as a memory foam topper would, but does make any old mattress (and believe me, mine is just that) a really comfortable sleep. So if you don't have the best mattress, but your current one offers adequate support, this is a nice little upgrade for added comfort.

It would suit any sleep style, but front sleepers, in particular, would love how soft it is. If you sleep on your back, as I said,  it won't add a lot of support, but if all you are after is comfort, this would be a top choice. 

It's temperature regulating, so you won't overheat while sleeping – something I was worried about happening when adding a mattress topper – but so far it's been perfect, even during really warm summer evenings. Plus it's great for couples who can never agree on the perfect temperature of the bedroom. 

What's the Soak & Sleep mattress topper like to sleep on?

As you have probably guessed already, it's soft, really soft, I am a front sleeper so don't need all that much support from my mattress so a wool mattress topper is a dream. I will say if you like that sinking feeling when you get into bed, you won't get that here, it is quite a flat mattress topper. 

The first few nights's it really felt like I was sleeping on a different mattress but after a week or so we did give it a plump as it can become flat in the places that you sleep the most. Not a problem at all though, just plump it as you would do you cushions every now and then. 

Soak & Sleep claim that the temperature regulating qualities make for a more constant sleep, and as a very light sleeper, I can definitely vouch for that. No longer am I waking up in the night too hot, and although I have only tested it during the summer months, I am sure it would add extra warmth when it gets cooler too. 

Is the Soak & Sleep mattress topper worth the money?

The one downside to the Soak &  Sleep topper is it is on the pricer side. For a double, it's £120 (and that's in the sale). Obviously you are paying for pure, super soft wool that's come all the way from New Zealand and we compared it to other wool mattress toppers and in comparison, the price is actually quite reasonable, on the cheaper side even. Plus, remember it's going to last too – it comes with a five-year guarantee and has been tested to fit with Soak & Sleep and EN standards. 

Soak & Sleep mattress topper filling 

Made up of 100 per cent New Zealand wool, the 3cm profile topper has a flat, even profile thanks to the carded filling and quilted design. It has been designed for all sleep positions. 

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