Rem-Fit Remy Kidz mattress review: comfy, durable and with eco credentials

We put the new Rem-Fit Remy Kidz' mattress to the test to see if it would help a four-year-old with a newborn sibling get a sound night’s sleep

Rem-Fit Remy Kidz mattress review
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Real Homes Verdict

We all know that kids are expensive, so a mattress with a 15-year guarantee is hugely appealing. Factor in a removable, washable cover made from recycled marine plastic, and the Rem-Fit Remy Kidz mattress is a sound investment. Our four-year-old tester and her mum both found its medium-firm surface very comfortable and slept soundly, nodding back off quickly when they woke.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    15-year guarantee

  • +

    Fits all single beds, including bunks

  • +

    Washable coverEasy to unpack and manoeuvre

  • +

    Toddler slept well

  • +

    Good value

  • +

    Cover made from recycled marine plastic

  • +

    Free next-day UK delivery

  • +

    100-night trial

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Packaging not currently recyclable

  • -

    No instructions or product information included

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It's a fact of life that kids are expensive, so the Rem-Fit Remy Kidz mattress' 15-year guarantee is a huge draw for cash-strapped parents. Add in a removable, washable cover for those inevitable spills and accidents, and this kid-friendly mattress seems like a sensible investment. The mattress also appeals for its eco-credentials, including the cover being made from recycled marine plastic and the Remy range being produced in a way that's carbon neutral. But does it actually guarantee a good night's sleep?

To put it to the test, we called in our mini reviewer, four-year-old Sophie, who usually refuses to sleep unless there's a duvet under her sheet for extra comfiness. During this test, Sophie – and her mum – welcomed a newborn baby into their family. Would the Rem-Fit Remy Kidz be inviting enough to ensure a sound night's sleep despite the new nighttime noise?

Read on for their full review, and, if you're looking to update your own mattress, don't forget to take a look at our guide to the best mattress for grown-ups.

Rem-Fit Remy Kidz mattress specifications

  • Tension: Medium with a softcover
  • Type: Mattress in a bag
  • Construction: Three foam layers with a washable cover
  • Sizes available: Single – 90x190cm
  • Age range: Suitable from first single bed right through to mid-teens
  • Trial: 100 nights
  • RRP: £309.00

Who will the Rem-Fit Remy Kidz mattress suit?

  • Back and side sleepers: The foam layers and soft surface mean you can sink into the mattress slightly, meaning it wouldn't offer enough support for front sleepers.
  • Memory foam fans: The mattress envelopes you, creating a cocooning feel.
  • Light sleepers: Our four-year-old tester slept more soundly and nodded back off easily when waking.
  • Anyone with small or awkward spaces: It arrives in a bag, so can be easily moved around by one person. 
  • Kids and teens: This is basically a single mattress designed with kids in mind so will suit anyone from a small child to a young adult. It is bigger than a toddler mattress, but will still suit very little kids moving to their first bed.

Unpacking the Rem-Fit Remy Kidz mattress

Rem-Fit Remy Kidz mattress review

The Rem-Fit Remy Kidz mattress arrives in an unbranded plastic bag with a vacuum-packed bag inside

(Image credit: Future)

For me, the packaging is what lets the Rem-Fit Remy Kidz mattress down. In fact, it's the reason why I've given the mattress four stars instead of five. It arrived in an unbranded heavy-duty plastic bag with no product information. Given the brand's eco-credentials – the mattress is carbon neutral and Rem-Fit prides itself on using recycled marine plastic for the mattress cover – I was disappointed to find that neither the inner nor outer plastic bags are currently recyclable.

There's no handy cutting tool included to open the inner plastic bag like there is with other mattress in a box brands, so I had to carefully use scissors to undo it. Once I'd unpacked the mattress I searched back through the packaging to find information on how long the product needed to settle and any details of how to wash the removable cover, but couldn't find anything.

I contacted Rem-Fit who said they're working to a) make the packaging recyclable, and b) provide a QR code or link to product information to cut down on wasted printed material. This is all applaudable and would improve my rating, but I have to judge it on the current offering, and it's letting the mattress down.

Unpacking the Rem-Fit Remy Kidz mattress

We left the Rem-Fit Remy Kidz mattress to settle for 24 hours before sleeping on it. There was a slightly chemical smell, which disappeared after three days

(Image credit: Future)

Once the mattress was unpacked, I was able to move it onto our bottom bunk bed, where it fit snugly. Sophie wanted to try it out straight away, but I knew from testing other mattress-in-a-box products that it would need time for the layers to rise up ready to sleep on. With no product information included, I wasn't sure how long to leave it, so opted for 24 hours to be on the safe side. Don't worry, Sophie wasn't awake for that long waiting, I popped her on the top bunk.

All mattress-in-a-box products release a chemical smell when they're unpacked and it did linger for three days. Luckily, Sophie seemed oblivious to it, but if you've got a more sensitive little one, you might get a few complaints for the first few days.

What's the Rem-Fit Remy Kidz mattress like to sleep on?

Four-year-olds come up with some brilliant comments and Sophie declared the mattress is 'like a princess mattress'. After asking her a further 56 questions, I've deduced that she likes that it's soft and feels like it cocoons her when she's sleeping. 

Our newborn currently wakes every two hours and is rather noisy when she does, but miraculously Sophie has slept through the night since we moved her onto the Remy Kidz mattress. Now it could just be that she's become used to the noise, but I've noticed a definite reduction in the number of times she wakes and how quickly she goes back to sleep when she does.

Technically I'm a bit heavier than a teenager (cut me some slack, I just gave birth!) but I decided to try the mattress out myself. We have a king-size Simba Hybrid mattress on our bed, and the firmness of that is perfect for me. I found I sank into the Remy Kidz a little too much for my liking but I did sleep very soundly on it and was very comfortable sleeping on both my back and side.

I also conducted a quick motion transfer experiment to see how supportive the mattress is. I covered a 3/4 full tumbler of water with kitchen roll, placed it on one side of the bed and rolled over three times to see if I'd displace the water. About a fifth of the tissue ended up wet, which is to be expected given the medium firmness of the mattress. All in all, this is a comfortable, supportive mattress that will help kids sleep soundly whether they're just graduating from a cot bed or ready to move into a double.

Testing motion transer on the Rem-Fit Remy Kidz mattress

Our motion transfer test: Our reviewer placed a 3/4 full tumbler of water covered in kitchen roll on the edge of the bed, then lay down next to it and rolled over three times to see how much the water moved. There was some spillage but motion transfer was minimal considering this is a medium-firm single mattress

(Image credit: Future)

Rem-Fit Remy Kidz mattress filling and materials

Rem-Fit Remy Kidz mattress

(Image credit: Rem-Fit)

There are four layers in the Rem-Fit Remy Kidz mattress:

1. Seaqual mattress cover: A removable, machine washable cover made from upcycled marine plastic.

2. Visco elastic memory foam: A 2.5cm layer of memory foam designed to mould to the body for comfort.

3. Reflex foam: A 2.5cm layer of more responsive foam designed to provide some bounce.

4. Eco foam: A 10cm supportive base layer made from recycled foam.

Ordering and delivery

Order direct from Rem-Fit and you'll get free next-day delivery and returns in the UK. There's also a 100-night trial period, during which you can return the mattress free of charge if your little – or not-so-little – one doesn't get on with it. And you'll also get a 15-year guarantee, all of which makes it feel like a good investment.

How does the Rem-Fit Remy Kidz compare to other kids' mattresses?

As the Rem-Fit Remy Kidz mattress is new to the market, launching at the start of 2022, there are only a couple of dedicated reviews available at the moment, which are positive.

I previously tested the Simba Hybrid Kids' Mattress and found the Remy Kidz to offer just as comfortable a night's sleep but for less money. The Remy Kidz also comes with a 15-year guarantee, compared to 10-years for the Simba. In fact, it's only packaging and firmness where the Simba wins out. If you're not fussed about those, then I'd choose the Remy Kidz.

There are lots of other companies making mattresses designed for children, from Silentnight and Dreams to Little Green Sheep, Little Folks and Naturalmat. Prices tend to range from £200 to £300, so the Remy Kidz, which retails at £309, is at the top end cost-wise, however it's often on sale – currently for around £155 – making it a steal.

Is the Rem-Fit Remy Kidz mattress worth it?

At the full price of £309, the Rem-Fit Remy Kidz is at the top of what I'd want to pay for a children's mattress. This is mainly because I'm guessing Sophie will want to change her bed, or even swap for a double before the mattress reaches the end of its life.

However, at the current price of around £155, I'd snap it up in an instant. Sophie definitely slept more soundly on it and knowing she'll now settle herself if she wakes in the night is very reassuring. So yes, at the right price, it's definitely worth investing in.

Rem-Fit Remy Kidz mattress: where to buy

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They tested the mattress for several weeks in Sophie's bedroom. Sophie was kind enough to let mum sleep on it a couple of times to give her experience.

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