Ezviz C6N Indoor Wi-Fi Home Security Camera review

Read our Ezviz C6N Indoor Wi-Fi home security camera review if you’re serious about monitoring the home, day and night, without breaking the bank

Ezviz C6N Indoor Wi-Fi home security camera
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Real Homes Verdict

The whole set up, from plugging in to using through the app, is as simple as it gets. It’s a brilliant little camera which can be placed in any room of the home which, so long as you’re within the Wi-Fi zone, will record and stream with incredible clarity. You’ll even be in a position to have a conversation with those you see on the camera... all for a very reasonable price tag.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Exceptional image quality

  • +

    360 degree pan / tilt

  • +

    Two-way audio

  • +

    Smart tracking

  • +

    Sleep mode

  • +

    Very reasonable price tag

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Mains powered (may not suit all)

  • -

    Relies on a strong Wi-Fi connection

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Looking for a home security camera to use indoors? The Ezviz C6N Indoor Wi-Fi home security camera can be used indoors, day and night, to keep an eye on exactly who is in your home (and what they’re up to), so is could well fit the bill.

I’ve been testing this home security camera, along with the Ezviz C4W Outdoor smart Wi-Fi home security camera, for the past month to help you choose the best home security solution for you and your family. The main criteria I’ve been looking out for, aside from if this camera actually serves its purpose, is; how it looks and how easy it is to set up and use day-to-day.

Keep scrolling to read the full review to see if this is the indoor home security camera for you, but if you want to see more great options check out our best home security system guide for more top security cameras, for the best prices.

Installing the Ezviz C6N Indoor Wi-Fi home security camera

I set up the Eviz C6N in our utility room to see what our two guinea pigs, who live indoors in the colder months, get up to after dark (I needed a subject, and the guinea pigs are far more interesting than my husband). 

Once I had unpacked the camera from its compact yet adequate box, I made good use of the 3m (approx) cable which was just about long enough to stretch to an electrical socket, and within viewing range of the guinea pigs. Yep so, this security camera relies on a mains connection: not entirely ideal if you have limited access to electric sockets in the house, but the cable could just be long enough for you to still use the camera as intended without running the risk of any trips and falls. At this point you’ll also need to consider whether you want to wall mount the security camera, or position it horizontally – I tested it horizontally stacked up on some books.

From here on in it is now just a question of ‘how do I get this to work’ and ‘how do I get it on my device?’.

When the camera is switched on it does a little spin and introduces itself in a rather robotic tone. It’s from here on in that you’ll need to make sure that your device (a smart phone or tablet) is connected to the Wi-Fi and, along with the Ezviz C6N, is in a strong Wi-Fi zone because it is within this zone that the camera will stay – more on this shortly. 

You’re then prompted to download the Ezviz app which is easy enough and then follow the onscreen instructions. During the registration process you can opt to have notifications sent to you as an alert, subscribe to CloudPlay (free for the first 23-day days, then a fee from £2.99 will be incurred depending on your choice of plan) and allow the app to access your phone camera. You’ll need to allow for this access to your phone camera so the app can scan the QR code on the underside of the camera, so you can get all set up.

night vision: Ezviz C6N Indoor Wi-Fi home security camera

(Image credit: Future)

How easy is the Ezviz C6N Indoor Wi-Fi home security camera to set up?

The Ezviz C6N is mega easy to use with the Ezviz app, providing you’ve kept within that Wi-Fi zone. It can be very frustrating when the camera drops out of signal which will mean that you miss footage, and lose the ability to engage in two-way communication. 

From the app you can take photos of the footage, pan a 360 degree shot, flick between resolutions (HDR, HD or high res) and see up to four camera live on a split screen. It’s from this app that you can tune in to the two-way comms and enable C6N's sleep mode, giving you privacy when you need it. This sleep mode will mean that ALL monitoring and recording has stopped.

I couldn’t fault the image quality, which is super clear both day and night, and the audio was pretty sound, too. However when in use, the camera has a bright blue indicator light which is not very discreet but, this can be can be switched off using the Ezviz app if you prefer.

And, if you want to change the angle of the footage the C6N will automatically track the subject it's filming, or you can move the ‘rolling eye’ (camera lens) manually via the app in each direction.

Is the Ezviz C6N Indoor Wi-Fi home security camera good value for money?

This home security camera does offer really good value for money, especially when compared to the more high-end technical models, which is down the image quality and audio capabilities. 

 Whats else should you know about the Ezviz C6N? 

The Ezviz C6N is strictly an indoor camera and is not suitable for use outdoors. Therefore, it is not suitable if you're looking for a complete home security solution BUT if it were to be used with other home security products in the Ezviz range, such as the Ezviz C4W (Turret) camera which IS suitable for outdoor use, then you could have more bases covered. 

Ezviz C6N Indoor Wi-Fi home security camera

(Image credit: Ezviz)

How does the Ezviz C6N rate online?

At the moment, the Ezviz C6N is only available to buy at Argos whose customers rave about how easy it is to set up and how good the picture quality is. Some of the things which reviewers use the camera for include keeping an eye on the dog, monitoring the children or looking outside of the window to see who is approaching the home.

Where the main frustrations lie is with the Wi-Fi. You rely on a strong Wi-Fi connection for set-up, viewing and communicating with who or what you’re watching so it’s vital you consider where you want to position the camera in the home, ideally before you buy.

Is the Ezviz C6N worth buying?

The camera is very easy to set up and use, and I think you would be hard pressed to find an indoor security camera which offers an image quality for such exceptional value. For total peace of mind I would recommend buying three or four of these to dot around the home or, as I’ve said earlier, to build your own system with other products in the Ezviz home security camera range. 

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