Zoflora announces THREE festive fragrances and we're jingling with excitement

These new Zoflora scents can infuse joyful Christmas cheer to your home while killing bacteria and germs. Here's where to purchase them...

Zoflora Christmas fragrances
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Zoflora has taken the world by storm thanks to Mrs Hinch. Cleaning fans (obsessives?) far and wide have purchased bottles and bottles of the stuff to ensure their home smells like a Country Garden, Summer Berries or Linen Fresh. And to them, we bring some very exciting Zoflora news: this October, THREE new Zoflora scents will arrive in stores. Even better? They're all festive to celebrate the upcoming season. 

All we want for Christmas is a bottle of Zoflora.

Zoflora's three new Christmas fragrances launch in stores this month. You'll find them at Morrisons, Home Bargains and B&M, all for around £1.48. As per usual, these three fragrances are three-in-one and can kill 99.9 per cent of bacteria, all while leaving a luxurious seasonal scent in your home.

So, whether you're going to buy a few bottles ready for a pre-Christmas clean or are looking for a stocking filler for a Mrs Hinch obsessed friend, these new Zoflora fragrances will do the trick. Scroll to see their packaging and find out just what they smell like...

(Image credit: Zoflora)

These three fragrances have been crafted by expert perfumers. They're also long lasting and they can eliminate even the smelliest of odors with ease. Brussel sprouts, we're coming for ya.

Cranberry and Orange
This is a festive fruity combination. It's ideal for those who love cranberry and citrus notes and it'll be sure to bring a Christmassy smell to your loo, kitchen sink or upholstery.

Winter Morning
This is best suited to those who love a woody vanilla base. It features a blend of apple and cool mint to mimic a crisp frosty morning. Lovely.

Warm Cinnamon
Cinnamon lovers unite! This scent combines cinnamon, vanilla and aromatic cloves to create a modern twist. Spray some on your mattress to give it a Christmas refresh.

Can't wait to get your hands on a bottle? You can shop more Zoflora scents below now.

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