When to prune roses for perfect spring growth

Found yourself in the garden? Now you can tend to your roses. This is when to prune them

rose pruning advice
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If you're wondering when to prune roses then it's likely that you've found yourself in your garden over these past few days. And if you have indeed turned to gardening as you self-isolate, we applaud you, it's an amazing way to stay positive and to make the most of your time at home. What comes with spending more time in your garden is usually plenty of questions surrounding the art of gardening, nature and the like. We are going to have some drizzly days and moments ahead of us, but spring is that beautiful time of year when everything starts coming into bloom so this is an amazing opportunity to watch what goes on in your own outside space.

Rose pruning means removing a significant portion (about two thirds) of its growth from the previous year or two. Purely so that the rose(s) can direct energy into new growth come spring and summer. And you can prune roses throughout the year, but this is considered more of a ’tidy’ and depends on the cultivar of rose you have. Be sure to check. 

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What is the best time to prune roses?

Rose pruning should happen in the dormant season, between February and March, so if you have roses in your garden that you haven't yet cut back, March (now) is the last call to prune them for successful spring growth.

We recommend that you wait until the final frost, so it should be perfect timing for most, even if you are in a cooler part of the country. For instructions on how to prune roses you can check out our advice page and then look forward to bigger blooms than ever this year!

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