The Wes Anderson effect is taking over our interiors – and we are very much okay with it

Love Wes Anderson as much as we do? Here's how to bring that iconic quirky look into your home...

Wes Anderson style living room
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The Wes Anderson aesthetic is pretty dreamy, it's not surprising we all want to turn our homes into spaces that look like they came straight off the sets of these gloriously whimsical films. So we thought it was about time we dedicated a gallery to helping you decorate your homes like the pink rooms of the Grand Budapest Hotel, or the orange carriage in The Darjeeling Limited or even the very dramatic red backdrop of the New York townhouse featured in The Royal Tenenbaums.

Keep scrolling to be inspired and make sure you check out our pink room ideas for plenty more where this came from. 

1. Pick a stand out color pallete 

Name any Wes Anderson film and you can bet there will have been a clear, stand-out color palette. You can tell most of them just from movie posters! Obviously, the most popular being the pink themes throughout The Grand Budapest Hotel and this has definitely been the most influential of all the film sets. But you also have the browns and greens and more 70s colors that so many of his films include, and then there are the classic deep reds of the home in The Royal Tenenbaums. 

Reproduce the same feel in your rooms by working with the same memorable colors that appeared in the films . We are loving this pink and orange combo, and as far as living room ideas go, this is definitely giving us some Wes Anderson vibes!

2. Go bold with your wallpaper choices

The right wallpaper can quickly add that quirky feel that we all associate with Wes Anderson movies, and is again a great way to bring some of those instantly recognizable colors into your home. The muted pinks and blues in this bathroom definitely remind us of Mendl’s confectionery shop, and the sea themed wallpaper is a cute nod to The Life Aquatic

3. Embrace symmetry 

Everyone has picked up on symmetry being a thing in the interiors of Wes Anderson, every shot is so visually satisfying because of his keen eye for symmetry. This is such an easy thing to bring into your home too – place two mirrors on the wall instead of one, switch a large sofa out of two that can face one another, place two chairs on either side of a door in a hallway. Next time you watch the films you will definitely notice this more. 

4. Mix pieces from different style and eras

Although a lot of Wes Anderson interiors give off a 70s, Mid-century vibe, if you really look at the details, so many of the sets are a mish-mash of pieces from loads of different eras. Remember Margot's bedroom in The Royal Tenenbaums? It was madness! But still looked fab, so don't be afraid to pick out statement pieces, like a sofa and mix it with the furniture you already have, even if it doesn't quite give off the same vibe.

5. Switch out your every day decor items 

Clocks, wall art, even your kitchen utensils can bring a Wes Anderson feel into your home. Check out the clock, the shelving unit and the gluggle jug in this room – they kind of clash with the contemporary kitchen but also bring in that mix and match element we just mentioned. Plus these colors are spot on! Have a look on eBay and thrift stores for more unique pieces.

Hebe Hatton

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