Upcycle your furniture for FREE with this ingenious (and super easy) paint idea

All you need is a piece of furniture and leftover paint!

Dulux easy paint idea
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Got some leftover paint? Or a few tester pots you don't have any use for? Well you can do this paint project no problem. Literally, all you need is a piece of furniture (it can be anything from a chair to a wardrobe), some paint and a paintbrush.

As you can probably tell we are all about easy DIY projects, and this one is definitely easy, plus it takes less than an hour and the results are fab! So keep on scrolling to get dip dying all the furniture in your home, and make sure you check out our weekend projects hub page too for loads more ideas. 

You will need:

Step one: clean and sand down your furniture

Use a microbfibre cloth and warm water to clean any dust or dirt off your furniture. Allow it to dry and then sand down any rough surfaces or bits of old paint. Again dust off any debris before you start painting. 

Step two: decide on your design 

So do you want a neat line where you have 'dipped' your furniture or do you want a more ombre look? If you are going for the neat look like the stools below, you will need to mask off the areas before you start painting. If you are doing for the shabby chic look you can skip this step.  

Step three: get painting

Told you this was a simple project! If you have created a masking tape line, start painting below the line with a small brush or roller depending on the size of your furniture. You might need to do two coats for a solid colour.

If you are going for the more faded look start by painting the bottom of your furniture in a solid colour and then just add less and less paint as you fade upwards, there's no real technique just keep going until you get the desired effect. Don't overload your brush, remember you can add paint but can't take it away so less is always more.  

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