This is how long it takes the average person to get bored of a DIY project, and it's way less than we thought

DIY just takes too long for most of us; plus, other things that derail Americans' home improvement projects

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Embarking on a DIY project isn't for the faint of heart. You have to know what you're doing (at least in theory); you will need tools and protective equipment; you'll need to get your hands and clothes dirty. 

But none of these things is the true reason why so many Americans never finish a DIY project they begin. A brand new survey of 2,000 American homeowners* reveals that bar high costs, which 52 percent of homeowners site as the main deterrent from completing that dream DIY project, boredom is the number one reason why those much-desired updates never get done. 

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Over half of American homeowners (51 percent) have left home improvement tasks by the wayside and the average homeowner admitted they become nothing short of exhausted after spending just 54 minutes on an improvement project. Yes, that's just under an hour. In fact, even more people (71 percent) need an option to speed up or simplify their home improvement project so they don’t leave tasks unfinished.

Exhaustion and boredom aren't the only reasons why home improvement projects get derailed. A surprising proportion of people (47 percent) gave up on improving their home's curb appeal because of bad weather. While the idea of repainting that exterior in gentle spring sunshine may appeal, painting anything in pouring rain is much less so. 

Some people decided DIY was just too dangerous after missing a step on the ladder (40 percent), while a significant number (31 percent) just weren't able to follow instructions properly, making the whole project too difficult to accomplish.

Some people were deterred by what they though it would cost to make their home’s exterior look exactly how they dreamed it should. The sum people have in mind is over $5,000, despite the fact that many exterior improvement project don't cost nearly as much as that. 

Couple painting a room

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If there is a lesson to be learned from all these self-professed DIY failures, it's that it makes sense to start small, especially if you have no prior DIY experience. Just repainting the front door or spray-painting the window frames won't take long, won't cost thousands, but still has a bug impact of what you home look like. You can learn more about painting doors or painting windows in our guides. 

'Between limited free time, tight budgets and unpredictable weather conditions, it’s no secret that home improvement updates can be daunting — but they don’t have to be! Home improvement updates should be exciting and provide a sense of accomplishment,' said Susan Biasiotta, Senior Product Manager for Krylon spray paints. 'Don’t let the expectation that it will take you a lot of time and money deter you from creating something beautiful.'

* Conducted by OnePoll and commissioned by Krylon spray paint.

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