A TikToker has shared a hack to make your home smell great all the time

Save money on candles with this easy, 'essential' trick

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If you're anything like us, you're probably a little bit obsessed with the smell of your own home. After all, scent is so important when making a first impression, and we tend to become accustomed to how our home smells.

A TikToker has shared a cheap way to make your home smell good all the time - using felt pads covered in essential oils tucked away in hidden spots of your home. Because the best home fragrance makes all the difference...

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'All you need is a couple felt pads and your fave essential oil,' says @rootedbymartine in the video. She peels the backing off a felt pad and sticks it onto the inside of one of her kitchen cabinets. 

The specific type she uses is a pack of 30 Super Sliders, $6.50 at Walmart - round self-stick felt furniture pads designed to protect hardwood flooring. You can also pick up lots of felt pads on Amazon in gray, beige, brown and black. 

Martine soaks the felt pad in a red berry and oak essential oil from Better Homes & Gardens - and that's it, job done. We think dotting a few of these around hidden corners of our homes would work really well.


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The trick would be perfect for trash cans, cars and nappy bins. The TikTok clip has now gained almost 80,000 likes and hundreds of comments. 

'What a great idea, out of sight and still smelling good,' says one. Others warned pet lovers to be very careful with essential oils, as they can be harmful to animals. 

So, if you have a cat, dog or any other pets at home, make sure you do some googling before trying this trick. Personally, we'd opt for eucalyptus in the bathroom as this scent always reminds us of being in a spa, and lavender in the bedroom to help us sleep.

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We'd be a little worried about putting the pads on our best furniture as the oil could potentially stain it, but could try it in inconspicuous spots first. You could also try refreshing peppermint, which has the added benefit of helping to get rid of mice. Some oils will also help to keep bugs away. 

Lighting your best candles - perhaps festive cinnamon or log fire - totally changes the vibe, but regularly buying new candles really does add up. This TikTok hack using essential oils and some cheap felt pads is a great budget option to make your home smell good.

Will you be trying it?

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