This wireless door alarm is great for hidden security on a budget

A wireless door alarm is the best way to alert your neighbors if there's an intruder – this way you can go on vacation or even just pop to the grocery store worry-free

Wireless door alarm: Front door by Urban Front
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In the market for a wireless door alarm? These home security devices are an essential piece of kit if you want to feel safe in your home. What do they do? Simply alert you and warn away potential thieves by sounding an alert when your front or back door is opened and your correct number combination isn't punched in. 

Don't want to spoil your hallway aesthetic with a wall-mounted device? This piece of kit is small and white so can blend in with woodwork and light walls. And, honestly? It really isn't an eyesore by any stretch of imagination. And it can always be placed down by the floor or up towards the top of the door, if you'd like them to be less obvious – they just need to be within reach to be deactivated.

It's a cheaper alternative to an entire smart home security system, yet it still does the job pretty well. It's a no brainer budget purchase, we think.

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GE 45117 Wireless Alarm With Programmable Keypad

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The GE 45117 Wireless Alarm (opens in new tab) is both easy to use and fit. You can secure it using screws or if you're renting, double sided sticky tape will do the trick. It's a perfect buy for large homes, apartments, an office or even dorm room, and it's wireless so requires three triple A batteries to work.

How does it work? After installation and setup, this wireless alarm can be quickly activated when you go out. When you return, you have a few seconds to type your personalized four digit code on to the keypad. If the alarm is activated, it emits a 120dB alert (that's pretty loud), which will alert your neighbors and passers-by that there's something wrong, and hopefully deter the intruder. 

What else? It features a low battery light indicator so you know when it's time to change the batteries, and if you're worried about it waking a sleeping baby but have forgotten something inside, it has a delay feature to allow you to enter and leave without activating the alarm.

All this for under $14? Yes please. Head to Walmart (opens in new tab) to shop now; just in time for dark evenings to make a comeback, too...

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