This VAX cordless vacuum cleaner is 20% off at Currys – get it now!

A VAX cordless vacuum with a £50 discount? Snap up this brilliant deal before it’s gone

VAX cordless vacuum: Blade 2 MAX VBT3ASV1 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner, Currys
(Image credit: Currys)

Old vacuum leaving more behind than it’s picking up? Oh boy, have we got a treat for you. We’ve been scouring the web for the best vacuum cleaner deals because no one should have to put up with an appliance that takes ages to do what it should when there are other, better things to spend time on, like going on a spa day or vegging out with a takeaway. 

And that’s why we’re excited to show you this brilliant deal on the VAX Blade 2 cordless vacuum cleaner at Currys where there’s a very respectable £50.99 saving. That’s 20% off!

Yes, you still have to actually do the vacuuming, but this nifty appliance makes it a whole lot easier with powerful suction, great manoeuvrability, and the bonus of a detachable vac on board for stairs, furniture and hard-to-reach corners. 

Now you’re all geared up, why not find more Currys Black Friday deals on our dedicated page – it’s almost pay day after all.

VAX Blade 2 MAX VBT3ASV1 cordless vacuum cleaner | Was £249.99, now £199 at Currys

This vac has plenty of impressive features, so listen up. The cordless design means no more hunting the socket or running over the wire, the Twin Helix Brushbar gives triple the performance of others, and a removable bin makes it easy to get rid of all the dust and debris you’ll pick up.View Deal