This Samsung fridge has a whopping £500 off at Currys ahead of Boxing Day sales

This Samsung fridge has adjustable storage space so it's ideal for the whole family. And it's on sale

Samsung fridge freezer
(Image credit: Samsung)

Have you been thinking about getting a Samsung fridge for a while? They look very cool (no pun intended), with their sleek silvery exteriors. The question is, do these fridges deliver on functionality, and why would you go for a Samsung rather than another brand? 

We think there's plenty to recommend these fridges beyond their good looks. Besides, Currys have as much as £500 off Samsung fridges ahead of the Boxing Day sales. Time to give the kitchen a nice update? At this price, why not?

Back to Samsung fridges, though: the RF50K5960S8/EU American Fridge Freezer in particular has caught our attention – mostly because it was £1,499, but is now £999. This fridge, like all Samsung fridges, boasts the handy no-frost technology, which means no messy defrosting, and better preserved food for longer. 

The triple cooling function has, as the name suggests, three separate flows of air moving around the fridge and freezer. This way humidity levels are always at the best levels for looking after your fruit and veg. With three separate air flows and precise temperature control, the fridge, freezer and the convertible zone are maintained at an optimal humidity level, so your food stays fresher for longer.

What we really like about this fridge, though, is the fact that everything inside is adjustable, from the shelves to the food bins. You can configure it exactly how you like it, which means you'll never have to rummage for ages for what you need, as all the different foods will be grouped exactly where you want them to be. Plus, it's got wide opening doors, which means you can easily access everything. 

Another piece of genius in the design? It's got adjustable cooling zones. So, if you're stocking up on extra ice cream, or maybe you need extra fridge space for the weekend's dinner party, the CoolSelect Plus Zone can be turned into a fridge or a freezer at the press of a button, so you can adjust the temperature as you need to.

Samsung RF50K5960S8/EU American style fridge freezer | Was £1,499, now £999

Not only is this fridge super efficient, it's also very quiet, which is particularly important for open plan kitchens. Forget about defrosting with the RF50K5960S8/EU. Its Total No Frost feature means it will never build up ice, so it's really easy to look after.View Deal

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