This fitness app could revolutionise your at home workouts for free

This awesome fitness app will give you access to some of the best fitness classes from the comfort of your living room

Fiit is the best Free fitness app
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Do you really, like, really hate going to the gym? We get it. Dragging yourself out of bed at the crack of dawn to sweat in a room of equally sweaty people who would also rather be anywhere else is hardly appealing. But you gotta do what you gotta do to stay fit, it's a Joe Wicks world and we're just living in it. But have you ever thought you could be getting the same workouts from the comfort of your living room FOR FREE with a fitness app? Enter Fiit

As you may (or may not) know, we're big on smart home tech and exercising at home, so this is a perfect, er, fit for us. So what is Fiit? Well, it's an app you can download on to your smart phone, that you can also connect to your TV or laptop, allowing you to take part in a whole load of exercise classes from home. 

Before you start having visions of  those old school workout DVDs, with the leotards and the leg warmers, let us just tell you that Fiit is so different. It gives you access to on-demand fitness classes led by high profile fitness experts all from your mobile (or TV, or laptop). Basically, see is as that boutique gym you wish you could join, but in your living room, and, let's just say it again, it's free. 

Fiit is the best free fitness app

(Image credit: Fiit)

This summer, Fiit is also launching its first ever summer shape up plan. It began yesterday, and will run for four to six weeks, depending on which programme you choose. Each week, you’ll focus on achieving a mini goal and you can keep track of your progress using a personal dashboard. 

You'll have to upgrade to Premium Membership to access them, but then you can pick from three different plans – a six week or a four week plan, both of which focus on improving strength and toning through cardio and weight classes, or you could go for the Rebalance Series, which focuses on more holistic classes. 

Fiit Premium membership, which costs just £45 for three months or £120 for the whole year, which is way cheaper than a gym membership. That means unlimited classes with live stats, progress tracking and personalised training plans; you'll also get a Fiit device worth £65! 

But don't forget once you have downloaded the app you can still access hundreds of classes, on more time, for free. 

BRB while we cancel our gym memberships. 

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