These Habitat lighting ideas have some serious designer appeal

These gorgeous Habitat lighting ideas will help you get the designer look for less

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Hello, Habitat lighting. We haven't seen you in a while. But boy are we glad to be reacquainted. If you want to achieve a designer look, but don't have the designer budget to match (don't worry, we can relate), our round up could be just what you've been looking for.

With the capacity to completely transform the look and feel of your space, it's worth investing in quality lighting. But, we don't think that doing so should break the bank. So, we revisited an old favourite – Habitat, of course – in a bid to show you that you can achieve a high-end look, but on more of a budget.

Browse our pick of the best Habitat lighting below, with ideas for the living room, bedroom, bathroom and more. Just the ticket if you're looking to spruce up a space as the darker months roll around. Then, when you're done, head over to our lighting hub page for more ideas and inspiration.

1. Mix interiors styles

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Who said you have to stick to one interiors style in your home? Certainly not us. In fact, we love interiors from so many different decades that we actively encourage mixing and matching styles to add character to any space.

We love the mix of this mid-century inspired Cooper Armchair, with the Hadley Floor Lamp's stylish, art deco feel.

2. Incorporate some colour into your space

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Certified member of the white and grey interiors club? We thought as much. And while we're not going to suggest you break out of your comfort zone with a crazy paint scheme, we'd love to suggest some easier ways to incorporate a bit of colour into your scheme.

Enter the Lantana Table Lamp. With its vibrant, orange palette and curvy shape, this piece has some serious designer style and guarantees to add a little personality to your space. And while we'll admit that it's not exactly cheap, it's a heck of a lot more affordable than its designer counterparts.

3. Habitat table lamps: let the bulb do the talking

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Sometimes we get a bit carried away with finding the perfect lampshade, when really we should just let the lightbulb itself do the talking. This gorgeous Griffin Table Lamp does just that.

While here they've opted for a contemporary white bulb, we love the idea of using a filament lightbulb to create a stylish, industrial feel in your living room.

4. Habitat pendant lights to create zones

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One of our favourite lighting tricks is using pendants to create zones – which is perfect if you're working with an open plan space, or want a particular area of your home to feel more intimate.

Positioned above a dining table, the Coleman Ceiling Light will achieve the same effect as candlelight, without cluttering up a busy table. Plus, it will create a distinct zone within a larger space.

5. A chandelier to create a statement in the kitchen

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We love using statement lighting in the kitchen to add a tonne of personality and prevent the space from feeling sterile – particularly if you've gone for an all white scheme.

This Boyd Copper Chandelier does just that, without costing the earth. And its stylish copper design has some serious, designer appeal.

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