The Henry vacuum cleaner is on sale at Currys: get the most reliable vacuum for under £100 TODAY

The Henry vacuum cleaner is on sale at Currys. The original and still the best vacuum on a budget, if you're asking us

Henry vacuum cleaner
(Image credit: Currys)

Oh, Henry vacuum cleaner. The steady companion of our student days, and the first jointly owned vacuum cleaner for many couples. The memories... On a less nostalgic note, this incredibly reliable vacuum cleaner is in the January vacuum cleaner sales at Argos for just £99. If you need a vacuum cleaner that does the job and won't break the bank, this is it.

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If you are contemplating your first Henry vacuum, let the RealHomes team reassure you that it's totally worth it. We've all owned one at some point in our lives and can honestly say that this vacuum is indestructible. Much like a Nokia phone, it just keeps going heroically for years and years; in fact, most of us still have ours a decade or more from when it was purchased. 

Other excellent features are the Henry's large capacity bags, meaning you don't need to replace them very often, and the very long cable (10 metres), which means you can clean your whole flat without any issues. It's also A rated for energy efficiency, so it won't use up too much electricity. 

Overall, Henry is an amazing budget vacuum that won't be beaten on efficiency and longevity. It's not the lightest vacuum around, but if you don't have too many stairs to climb, that won't be a problem. If and when one day you graduate to a cordless vacuum, the Henry still comes in useful in the garage or for cleaning outbuildings. And's Ed-in-chief's other half uses their old one to vacuum the patio (don't ask).  

Henry HVR160 Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner | Was £120 now £99 at Currys
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