Best vegan cookbooks: must buys for anyone trying to eat more plant-based meals

Looking to eat less meat and dairy in 2021? Then you will need the best vegan cookbooks to help inspire your meals and add variety to your weekly menus

vegan curry with sweet potato and chickpea
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You don't have to be following a strict plant-based diet to appreciate the best vegan cookbooks. As more and more of us look to reduce the amount of meat and dairy we eat, having some inspiration can make simple switches to plant powered meals much easier. And whether you want to live a vegan lifestyle, or just cut down on your consumption of animal products there is a book for you.

There are lots of benefits to eating more vegan meals – the environmental impact of eating less meat is proven, animal welfare may be important to you, or you might be looking for ways to eat more fruit and veg which a vegan diet inevitably leads to. However, vegan food isn't all flaxseed, nut roasts and salad and chefs promoting a plant-based diet have created loads of recipes for your indulgent favourites from bugers to pizzas and decadent puddings.

We spent much of 2020 cooking and experimenting with new vegan meals, so here are the vegan cookbooks that inspired me to make most of my meals meat, egg and dairy free. We promise you that even the pickiest eaters and most die-hard carnivores will find something they love in the books below.

Best vegan cookbooks 2021

Speedy BOSH! by Ian Theasby and Henry Firth | £11 at Amazon
BOSH! have been making vegan cooking easy for their followers for some years, but they are first to admit that some vegan food can take a little preparation, so they released Speedy BOSH! to show that you can make easy plant-based food in under 30 minutes. There are tasty curries, a quick mac and cheese and loads of veg-fuelled dishes that won't make you miss meaty fast food.
Our fave dish: Breakfast tacosView Deal

Dirty Vegan by Matt Prichard | £14.78 at Amazon
Ex Dirty Sanchez stuntman Matt, shows how switching to a vegan lifestyle can be easy and good for your health. Now an endurance athlete, Matt's aim in his first cookbook was to mix quick and easy burgers, curries and pies with nutrient packed dishes that will fill you up and fuel your body.
Our fave dish: Spiced Turkish Lentil PizzaView Deal

Vegan(ish) by Jack Monroe | £10 at Amazon
Jack Monroe is here to show you how planning and knowing the basics means that swapping to a plant-based diet is delicious and will save you money, too. This is the latest offering from Jack who is well known for campaigning against poverty and hunger. The French onion soup is delicious and there is a whole chapter on sandwiches so you can wave goodbye to struggling to find an affordable vegan option every lunchbreak.
Our fave dish: French Onion Soup

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Vegan One Pound Meals by Miguel Barclay | £11.55 at Amazon
We have been bigs fans of One Pound Meals for a while and were very happy when this vegan offering came out. Plant-based and budget friendly, you get a lot of variety in this book including exotic Laksa, katsu curries, yummy roast dinners and easy pasta dishes.
Our fave dish: Carrot and parsnip gnocchi with spinach and pine nutsView Deal

East by Meera Sodha | £14.45 at Amazon
We think some of the best vegan meals are ones that don't involve swaps or changes, but were designed to be plant based in the first place. This is why Asian food has so many great vegan offerings and East by Meera Sodha showcases over 120 veggie and vegan recipes. If you want to nail the perfect curry or make tofu taste irresistible, this is the cookbook for you.
Our fave dish: Tenderstem and sweet potato bibimbapView Deal

BOSH! Simple recipes | £7.99 at Amazon
This is the highest-selling vegan cookbook ever and the first offering from Henry Firth and Ian Theasby aka BOSH. These friends focus on making vegan food accessible and fun. Expect lots of food that imitates your meaty and cheesy favourites, but also wonderful recipes that celebrate vegetables in their purest forms. We have tried the crispy chilli tofu, patatas bravas and PBJ brownies so far and can't wait to make more.
Our fave dish: Vegan chorizo (and the vegan tapas recipes)View Deal

The Green Roasting Tin | £9.99 at Amazon
Love a one-pot dinner? This is the cookbook for you. Pop all your ingredients into an oven dish, put it in the oven and relax on the sofa with a glass of vino. The oven does all the hard work for you. It has vegetarian recipes too, but plenty of vegan options and many veggie ones can be done with dairy replacements/no eggs/no honey as required.
Our fave dish: Rainbow tabboulehView Deal

BOSH! Healthy Vegan | £9 on Amazon
This is another offering from BOSH!, but the recipes in this book have been chosen as they contain less fat or sugar. Obviously they still taste 100% amazing – I have made the spicy lentil and kale soup and I am nibbling on the jacked flapjacks as we speak... yum!
Our fave dish: Meaty mushroom pieView Deal