Stressed? This Quartz candle by a celeb beauty expert will help

This NYC-based beauty guru's candles are the R&R we all need right now

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Calming circles aren't just for the Sanderson sisters anymore! During these difficult times, we're all looking for ways to keep calm and carry on.  A warm cup of tea or a soothing face mask traditionally does the trick, but when we're looking to lift our spirits and release pent-up stress, we're looking for something more. That's when NYC-based celebrity brow expert Joey Healy comes in. While we do find his eyebrow service to be relaxing, it's his newly-released home fragrance collection that's giving us calm vibes. 

Inspired by the spirit and majesty of the world's most powerful stones, this soy wax candle intertwines both mysterious and intoxicating aromas of musky amber and pairs it to perfection with romantic nods of French rose. Sounds irresistible, doesn't it? It does and its irresistible fragrance was designed for royalty. So what's the catch? 

Nothing if you ask us, but some of you may be a bit concerned over the steep $55 price tag. And, in which case, let us clarify: it's worth every single penny. Unlike other pricey candles on the market, this one won't burn out within a couple of days. Instead, this clean-burning candle features a 100% natural wick that has a burn time up to 80-hours. Yes, you read that right: 80-hours!  Talk about longevity! And just when it can't get any better, it does. 

Shoppers will also receive an authentic quartz crystal and for those who are unfamiliar with crystals? This one is a complete gamechanger.

Scented Quartz Candle by Joey Healy l Available for $55 at Amazon! 

Find yourself a bit more stressed than usual? Prepare to meet your match: this calming quartz candle. With nods of amber and rose, this clean-burning wax calming with restore balance and peace of mind. View Deal

Clear quartz crystals are commonly known for amplifying both energy and thought. So, if you're someone who is finding your mind a bit foggy lately or dealing with additional stress (you're not alone), this crystal will help. 

This tiny treasure will properly absorb, store, and regulate any negativity in your life and leave you feeling revitalized mentally, physically, and emotionally (or so it claims!). Users can expect a full mind, body, and soul transformation, and when used in correspondence with this candle? Bewitching!

To understand the magic of this dreamy duo, Healy highly recommends performing the following ritual:

Beginning with your eyes closed, palm the crystal into your non-dominant hand. Next, bring the stone to your heart's cent and focus on setting a clear intention. (For those unfamiliar with "intentions," it's more or less a goal you're looking to accomplish in the future.) Once you have your intention, begin to meditate on it as you bring your attention to the stone. The final step is to "set" this intention, which you can do by lighting the candle and setting it out into the world.  

Sounds pretty exciting, doesn't it? It does and what are you waiting for. Clear your mind and restore its balance by adding this candle into your cart ASAP.