Royalcore is the new aesthetic rocking social media – and upping the luxury factor in our homes

The latest social media trend that's transforming people's homes into luxurious retreats fit for queens and kings

Versailles Leafed Bed, And So To Bed
(Image credit: And So To Bed)

Thanks to shows such as The Crown and The Great returning to our screens, it was only a matter of time before it sparked an interior trend. Meet Royalcore the latest aesthetic trend to emerge from social media platforms such as Tik Tok, Pinterest and Instagram

Over the last 12 months,  And So To Bed, found that Royalcore has had a 1380% increase in searches. You'll recognize elements of Royalcore aesthetic in Regency-style bedroom design, rooms decorated with vintage furniture, and even the traditional English manor decorating style. 

Royalcore is here to stay, and we can definitely see how its romantic and opulent elements will contribute to bedroom ideas for the seasons to come.  

Royal dining table, Boca do Lobo

Royal dining table, Boca do Lobo

(Image credit: Boca do Lobo)

What is Royalcore?

The great thing about Royalcore is that it's not restricted to any specific time period. You don't have to be faithful to early-nineteenth-century furniture, for example, as if you were recreating Regency style. You can mix and match styles as you please – it's more about the overall effect.

'The Royalcore aesthetic romanticizes the style of Western European royalty, focusing on interior design that is both majestic and luxury,' explains Rebecca Challinor, interior designer at home furnishings retailer Terrys.

Rebecca traces the popularity of the trend back to 'royal-inspired TV shows, such as The Crown, with many looking to the settings to inspire elegance within their own homes.' 

We've seen the Netflix effect at work with many TV shows. The Crown and Bridgerton have been huge hits not least thanks to all those Louix chairs and luscious draperies.  

Brodsworth bed, And So To Bed

Brodsworth bed, And So To Bed

(Image credit: And So To Bed)

How to style the Royalcore aesthetic in a home 

The Royal Garden wallpaper, Mind The Gap

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According to Martin Gill, design expert and managing director at And So To Bed,  recommends  'taking inspiration from periodic and lavish royal based settings, mainly between the fifth and 19th centuries, rather than more modern monarchies.' 

He advises exploring 'muted pastel tones such as pinks, whites, and light blues and greens – accented with a metallic such as gold or silver to add a touch of luxury, the palace of Versailles being a fantastic reference point.' This soft and airy take on Roayclore is especially suitable for exploring romantic bedroom ideas.

You can also go for a bolder decorating scheme with brighter, more saturated colors and statement furniture in a dark finish. Rebecca recommends looking for 'luxe velvet and whimsical chiffon fabrics in shades of navy, crimson, and gold. Pair this with dark wood furniture and opulent prints to create a grandiose feel to any room.'

Wallpaper is another easy way to give a room the coveted opulent look. Designs with a warm, gilded finish will be especially effective. 

Whether you choose just a couple of accents or go full-on Royalcore in your home, it's an easy way to add glamour and personality. 

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