Damaged furniture? This genius tool will instantly restore any investment for under $10

Give old damaged furniture new life with these repair markers — for under-$10

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Whether we want to admit it or not, our homes are the unsung hero of quarantine. They're doing a lot for us these days — we live where we work, and we work where we live — but unfortunately, the wear-and-tear is starting to show, and we're all in desperate need of some furniture repairs. 

But as true as that may be, costly fixes are not in our budget, so what's the solution? For me — and over 14,000 Amazon reviewers —  it was this kit of repair markers and the verdict? Exceptional, to say the least. 

This all-inclusive set features 13 individual pieces, and the break-down is simple. There are six featured shades — maple, oak, cherry, walnut, mahogany, and black— with six markers and six crayons to correspond with each hue. 

Not only did this kit offer versatility, but longevity; there's also an added wax stick sharpener to keep any of your crayons from dulling over time (I loved!). But what's better than that? This kit makes restoring scuffs and discoloration on furniture, cabinets, tables, or beds easier than ever.

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Katzco Furniture Repair Kit Wood Markers l Was $15.99, Now $9.99, at Amazon

Restore and repair scratches, marks, and dents courtesy of these furniture repair markers. Featuring 13 crayons and markers, each option is suitable for wood and will restore the furniture in seconds. 

Simply draw over the scratch, allow it to dry (this only takes a few seconds!), and ta-da. The damage disappears before your eyes, and your furniture is left looking brand-new. 

But if you're feeling a bit skeptical on whether or not this set does work? Let me be the first to tell you: it does. I restored a scratched nightstand in under a minute, thanks to the black marker, and seemingly over 14,000 reviewers experienced a similar situation. 

One reviewer praises this set for "repair[ing] nicks and scratches in wood the and laminated products," but also notes it's "excellent for hiding the light-exposed edge of veneers," too. Oh, and if that wasn't good enough? One other reviewer says not only did it save her "$200+ more" on new furniture, but it also was the solution to a pesky problem. 

According to this reviewer, "we have lots of different wood on the house, and in the last [year] I have gone to the store and did my best to color match from a photo, come home, and it didn’t match," but what did match? Two crayons from this set that she easily mixed to create her custom shade. We know, it's fantastic – and better than that? This kit does not stain or leave behind any residue when used. 

So, for anyone struggling with a similar scenario, the time is now to act fast. Head on over to Amazon right now and score these repair markers for just under $10. 

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