How smart tech is taking over the smallest room

From self running baths to voice controlled toilets, smart technology is set to make our bathrooms way more intelligent...

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In the last few years smart technology has made its way into pretty much every room in the house, from smart TVs and voice controlled speakers to ovens that can follow recipes and fridges that can order your food shop. The bathroom however seems to have been slightly neglected in this whole endeavour to make our homes do all the work for us. 

But according to a recent survey by Future of Retail, the bathroom is the one room we are most excited to make smarter. In fact, the same survey revealed that 14 per cent of us already have some form of smart tech in our bathrooms. 

Grey tiled modern bathroom

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So what exactly would a smart bathroom be able to do? Start running your bath while on your commute home? Turn on the underfloor heating while you are still in bed? Talk to your toilet to make it flush? Yep, apparently these are all possibilities and if they don’t already exist, bathroom companies are looking into how they can make our smart bathroom dreams come true. 

And in the very near future the temperature, lighting, music, and even smells may be capable of being adjusted automatically, depending on who is using the bathroom. 

Modern bathroom with smart mirror

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The survey also looked into what elements of our bathroom we are keen to make smarter. Nearly 20 per cent of those surveyed said that hands-free, voice assistant shower technology was at the top of their list, while 13 per cent wanted hands-free commands that they could used while on the toilet. 

So what is available right now that will make our bathrooms smarter?

Japanese-style smart toilets

Japanese toilets and Japanese-style toilet seats take bathroom technology to a whole new level. They’re packed with fancy smart functions to make sure each visit to the bathroom is as luxurious as can be. The Grohe Sensia Arena Shower Toilet may not be voice controlled but you can control its settings, either from a remote control or a smartphone app, meaning that every visit to the loo by each member of the family can be personalised. Plus, its lid automatically opens as you approach and closes once you are done. And... a sensor-activated nightlight gives a soft glow to help you find your way at night.

Smart showers

Smart showers and shower taps, like the Grohe SmartControl shower system allow for a completely personalised showering experience. You can store your own preferred spray settings and volume of water so each member of the family can get their ideal shower going at the touch of a button. 

Taking this concept a step further is the SmarTap smart shower system which is voice-controlled if you connect it to an Amazon Alexa, or you can control the settings through your smart phone. 

Smart bathroom accessories

Steam-free mirrors have been around for a while now but some bathroom companies have gone even further. Take the Pulse Bluetooth LED Mirror. Is it a mirror? Is it a speaker? Well, actually, it's both. Just connect any smart phone or bluetooth device and this steam-free mirror will blast out music. The Wenko Imperial Bluetooth LED wall mounted cosmetic mirror even has a USB port for your to connect your devices. 

So what do you think? Next time you are planning a bathroom remodel will you consider adding any smart tech? We'd love to know... For more information on where the future of smart bathrooms is heading, check out this interactive floorplan from More Ability

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