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Christmas shopping? Completed it mate.

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Who honestly enjoys Christmas shopping for kids? Seriously, who likes having their senses attacked by flashing lights and insanely annoying jingles while searching through shelves of products that make no sense to you – LOL dolls? Frozen make up kits? Lego that costs the price of an actual house? Save yourself the agony and do your shopping online!

And John Lewis have made the process of buying toys online even better, with 20 per cent of loads of toys across their entire site, right now! So, keep scrolling to see our top picks. Then, make sure you head over to our Christmas hub page for even more gift inspiration.

Our favourite John Lewis toy deals


Save up to £60 on Lego
Yasss John Lewis. Thank you for making our Christmas shopping a whole lot cheaper! Whether it's your kid or your 26 year old brother, everyone knows someone who loves Lego. And right now you can use the codes LEGO10 to save £10 when you spend £100, LEGO25 so save £25 when you spend £200 and LEGO60 to save £60 when you spend £400. 

Deluxe Foldable Scooter

Deluxe Foldable Scooter | Was £69, now £48.30
A classic Christmas present! The one is perfect for any age (with in reason obviously, don't let your mates scoot around on this after a few G&Ts) as it has an adjustable handlebars that can get taller as they do. This comes in blue and pink too.

Build It Dinosaur Set

Build It Dinosaur Set | Was £15, now £12
This is one of the most popular toys on John Lewis right now, so be quick if you want to get this while it's on offer. This set is suitable for three years plus and actually helps develop fine motor skills because you have to assemble the toys before you can play with them. Oh and not a flashing light or noisy button in sight. 

Drill Tool Set

Drill Tool Set | Was £10 now £8
A fab present for a really affordable price too. Kids' love these kinds of toys because they get to play grown up (with out the repercussions of giving a 5 year old a drill and a hammer). 

Wooden Country Kitchen

Wooden Country Kitchen | Was £125 now £87.50
Another great gift for the child in your life who is five going on 55. This actually looks really lovely too, no plastic, nothing lights up, and nothing sings! John Lewis stock lots of lovely wooden accessories for this kitchen too – pots and pans, fruit with a chopping board, a toaster that looks more stylish than our real one...

Playmobil Christmas Bakery

Playmobil Christmas Bakery | Was £44.99 now £31.49
There's loads of Playmobil on offer at John Lewis right now, but we picked the Christmas bakery, because you know... it's festive. There is a Playmobil set to suit everyone though, from a pony farm  and an aquarium to the Ghosterbusters fire station .

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