Primark is selling these amazing faux house plants – all under £20

Primark does stylish faux foliage on a budget and we want all of it

Primark faux plants
(Image credit: Primark )

Primark has got a bit of a name for itself as a stylish – but bargain – homeware destination recently. From faux plants to a boho chic range of scatter cushions and bedding, if you're looking to give your home a budget makeover, Primark is the place to be. Today we're talking faux foliage because it's no secret that we're obsessed with bringing some life (even stuff mimicking life) into our homes, especially as this year is all about the summer staycation. 

Adding some leafy greens to your interiors is a styling hack like no other, with the ability to boost your spirit, productivity and just generally look fabulous. However, real plants sometimes require a liiiittle bit too much upkeep for us so we're keen on faux green and think you should be too! Keep scrolling to check out Primark's range of brill buys, ranging from a gorj orchid to a potted cheese plant (our fave). 

1. Palm Plant In Black Pot, £18

Primark faux palm plant

(Image credit: Primark)

We love the exotic look of those leafy greens and the way they contrast with that simple black pot. This house plant will give your room some minimalist, natural chic.

Palm Plant In Black Pot, £18 (opens in new tab)

2. Mixed Faux Flower Tin, £8

Primark mixed faux flower tin

(Image credit: Primark)

Why had we never thought about using tins for house plants before? We love the raw and rustic look of the ridged tin paired with the beautiful arrangement of faux flowers from the pink and white roses to the classic cluster of green foliage. A perfect table centrepiece. 

Mixed Faux Flower Tin, £8 (opens in new tab)

3. White Orchid Faux Plant, £18

Primark white faux orchid plant

(Image credit: Primark)

Every home needs an orchid and this faux option from Primark has definitely caught our attention. Gone are the days of snipping and feeding your orchid to maintain it, why not get your hands on this fully flowered (with a few "budding") faux one and let it take pride of place on your mantlepiece with no TLC required. 

White Orchid Faux Plant, £18 (opens in new tab)

4. Fern Faux Plant, £20

Faux fern plant

(Image credit: Primark )

A classic faux fern plant in an adorable little wicker basket makes this plant the ultimate natural home accessory. You can't go wrong with this versatile indoor plant. Pop it in the corner of the room to make a statement!

Fern Faux Plant, £20 (opens in new tab)

5. Faux Plant Hanging Pot, £10.00

Faux hanging plant pot

(Image credit: Primark )

Expert styling advice recommends using different levels to create depth in your interiors and for that reason, this indoor plant is your secret weapon! This hanging plant with gold accents is sure to make a bold and sophisticated statement. 

Faux Plant Hanging Pot, £10.00 (opens in new tab)

6. Faux Plant Terracotta Pot, £6.00

Faux plant in terracotta pot

(Image credit: Primark )

Terracotta is undoubtedly an underrated material when it comes to potting your indoor plants. The red colour of the clay will give your room that added bit of warmth and will perfectly complement the green of the leaves... perfect!

Faux Plant Terracotta Pot, £6.00 (opens in new tab)

7. White Pot Faux Plants, £2.50

mini faux plants in white pots

(Image credit: Primark )

Aaaawwwww how adorable are these mini faux plants? We love the white pots because they're versatile, cute and classy. How about popping a couple of these on the shelf in your bathroom?

White Pot Faux Plants, £2.50 (opens in new tab)

8. Faux Lemon Tree Pot Plant, £10.00

faux lemon tree pot plant

(Image credit: Primark )

This is probably the coolest indoor plant that Primark is rocking at the moment... a faux lemon tree pot plant is an absolute must-have for any room hungry for a pop of colour. This tree is sure to bring good vibes and cheer you up whenever you look at it.

Faux Lemon Tree Pot Plant, £10.00 (opens in new tab)

9. Cheese Plant In White Pot, £10.00

Primark cheese plant in pot

(Image credit: Primark )

Cheese plants are so in at the moment, with every Instagram interior influencer's room boasting at least one. What's more, this plant pot is giving us designer looks. We're obsessed with the contrast between the light wood and the white paint. Dreamy!

Cheese Plant In White Pot, £10.00 (opens in new tab)

10. Pink Small Ceramic Faux Plant Pot, £5.00

Primark pink ceramic potted plant

(Image credit: Primark )

Not just a fab house plant but the perfect gift. We can't believe that this plant and its adorable pink ceramic plant pot is only a fiver. It's small but makes a statement. Loving the colours and the design. 

Pink Small Ceramic Faux Plant Pot, £5.00 (opens in new tab)

11. Faux Plant In Gold Stand Pot, £20.00

faux plant in gold stand pot primark

(Image credit: Primark )

Nobody will believe that this gold stand plant pot and leafy foliage is a) from Primark b) fake. Seriously, we love the elevated look and the gold finish definitely adds a little something special. 

Faux Plant In Gold Stand Pot, £20.00 (opens in new tab)

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