Playing this song will help sell your house faster – according to a new study

From Fleetwood Mac to Jack Johnson, these songs may be the secret to shifting your home from the market

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The age-old question of how to make your home more ‘sellable’ continues to divide real estate experts – but this new solution is the most unconventional (and downright fun) to date. A recent study has revealed the top five songs that will sell your home faster – and it’s very good news for Fleetwood Mac fans. 

If you’re looking for how to sell a house faster, you may be told to get busy with a fresh coat of paint or invest in a new storage system. However, what you should really buy is a new speaker. The research by *Living Cozy placed ‘Better Together’ by Jack Johnson as the number one house-selling song – after investigating 100 property-selling playlists on Spotify.  

Fleetwood Mac’s ‘Dreams’ claimed the second space, followed by Naked (Fouk Remix) by Kraak and Smaak, and another Fleetwood Mac song, 'Landside', in fourth place. ‘The Rocketeer’ by Orchestra to the Americas concluded the top five – meaning fantasy film buffs are taken care of too. 

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So while you may know what to look for when viewing a property, you also need to listen out on your next house viewing. Your seller may be pushing you into the sale with this vibey playlist (or they may be preparing for a house party, but it’s worth bearing in mind). 

But how do these songs sell your home? We hear you ask. According to the study, the secret comes down to a relationship between the music genre and BPM (beats per minute). 

All songs in the top three have a BPM between 110 and 120, the ideal tempo to push buyers into signing is ‘Landslide’, with a 159 BPM. Pop and rock music are the most influential in terms of selling – which is unsurprising, considering the top two choices. 

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Beyond the top five, soft, mellow rock frequented the Spotify playlists, including tracks from Elton John and Van Morrison. Yes, with a few notes of Into the Mystic you'll be overlooking the dated kitchen units and creepy basement – you’ve been warned. 

It’s official, selling your home goes far beyond your interior design ideas; it’s time to play Rumours on repeat (well, if you’re not doing that already anyway). 

Megan Slack