The coveted pink houseplant that's taking over Instagram - with a hefty price tag

Houseplant fans are going crazy for them

philodendron pink princess
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Houseplants are an absolute must in any home - science proves they make us happier. But there's one pretty-in-pink species that's been getting a lot of attention lately: the aptly named Philodendron Pink Princess.

Despite the fact the rare plant is often sold for prices in the three figures, the Pink Princess is steadily taking over Instagram, with hundreds of thousands of posts tagged to its name. Here, experts weigh in on the blossoming houseplant trend.

philodendron pink princess

(Image credit: Alamy)

Daniel Nichol, Managing Director at houseplant retailer House of Kojo tells us that the Philodendron Pink Princess is one of the most sought-after houseplants out there. 'People go crazy for them,' he comments.

It's not hard to see why with their alluring heart-shaped leaves and bright pink streaks caused by a lack of chlorophyll. The pink crescent-shaped marks are in fact caused by genetic mutation, as these plants are a man-made hybrid first seen in the 70s.

Since sellers can't absolutely guarantee the leaves will be pink enough to sell, they're particularly expensive. So if you do get your hands on one, it's all the more important to look after them carefully.

Our guide on how to care for houseplants will help keep existing plant babies alive.

Luckily, the Pink Princess is easy to look after, according to Chris Bonnett from Gardening Express. He says they need 'bright, but indirect sunlight and a light watering weekly, when the top inch of the potting mix is dry.' 

'However, if a leaf is covered in a majority of pink patches, it is more likely to die, therefore regular pruning will ensure a nice mix of green and pink shades on the plant,' Chris says.

philodendron pink princess

(Image credit: Alamy)

If you're set on bringing some of that bubblegum pink foliage into your home but your budget doesn't allow, there are plenty of other options out there. The Real Homes team is a big fan of the pink rubber plant, the Hypoestes phyllostachya, and the Anthuriam (also known as a pink flamingo plant). 

Take a look at our guide to the best indoor plants for more options, and if you want to look at outdoor gardening, our garden design ideas page is brimming with inspo.

variegated monstera plant

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Alternatively, you could go for the similar Variegated Monstera, another highly photogenic plant. James Folger, founder of houseplant delivery service The Stem says its popularity comes down to our new interest in adding rarer plants to our collections.

'They are very difficult to get hold of as variegation does not occur naturally,' he says.

We love the look of the Pink Princess, but we'll stick to the more budget-friendly pink flamingo plant for now...

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