Pet lovers take note: PetsRadar is the brand new site just for you (and your fur babies)

If there is one thing we love more than our homes, it is our pets. So we were excited to see the launch of a brand new website completely dedicated to them. See what to expect from PetsRadar

Flint the dog sitting in a traditional living room
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You might have noticed we are a bit obsessed with pets on Real Homes. Yep, any chance to get one in shot for a magazine shoot, or work one into an article on our website and we will take it. And while it can be hard keeping a pristine living space and letting your fur baby live its best life, our homes wouldn't be the same without them – and, that is why we have researched the best vacuums for pet hair so thoroughly after all...

Anyway, when we heard about the launch of PetsRadar, of course we wanted to check it out. A whole website about taking care of our furry friends? Yes please. So what can you expect to find on PetsRadar and why should you check it out right away?

The top picks on PetsRadar:

  • Pet tech: be it automatic feeders or GPS to stop your little friend from wandering too far, PetsRadar has sourced the best.
  • Pet insurance: limit the financial worries of pet ownership with the best packages to protect your pet should the worst happen.
  • Treats and toys: keep your fur baby busy with the best toys and rewards.
  • Pet beds and accessories: probably our favourite bit – loads of great buys to make sure your pet sleeps, walks and eats in style.
  • Pet care advice: most importantly, there is loads of advice on caring for your best friend, be it furry, fluffy, or scaly, big or small. 

PetsRadar couldn't have landed at a better time either. With the Dogs Trust reporting a 25 per cent increase in adoptions at the start of Covid-19, we want to make sure new and existing owners alike get all the support required to keep their new pet healthy and happy. And, as we inevitably make a slow return to work, PetsRadar is on hand to make sure your furry companion still gets all the attention they need. Check it out today and don't forget to follow PetsRadar on Instagram for the cutest pics.

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